Brunch With The Brits

This week we start with a vissit to the Mausoleum Club where we hear the story of The Inaudible Man.  We then go back to Tratvia and revissit the hard working crew of the British Embassy there as Sir Jeremy is about to be crowned a gnit.  After that it's a preview to a documentary starting next week followed by The mMurder Of Roger Akroyd.  Please enjoy. 

I have to admit the John Lingard interview was recorded in December and was meant to be aired in December.  YOu should know why it wasn't if you've been listenening if you haven't well go back to432 because there you'll also find part 1 of Cider With Rosie please enjoy for questions email myself at or John himself at also a huge heart felt apology to my ausie listteners.  You deserve the Ashes.  be

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I don't mind saying as I open this week I miss you in fact if you want a full story of what's going on listen to the first twenty minutes if not hey the shows start twenty minutes in.  We get to learn a bit about jimi Hendrix and Lory Lee this week so enjoy

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This episode is due in large part to German professor Margaret Dorsch of bethany College and her persistance that her German 1 class attend her Thursdaay night foreign film club during the autumn of 1991.  I have no ideaa where the Frau is these days but I hope she finds this and is doing well.  For if it weren't for her and John Paulsen's exhustive work on subtitles I would never have found Colnel Redl so interesting as to one day present a drama on the same subject this one thankfully in English.  Work projects are slowing down so more brunch to come.

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This week we replay Lady of The Lake by Raymond Chandler in honor of our recent trip to Lake Arrowhead.  Enjoy

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We've returned after to long a break this time to complete Nightfall.  As it's been so long we've just given you the entire drama.  Please enjoy this almost three hour podcast.  Thanks for being so understanding.

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So it's been a while I know.  This episode was recorded in July ... yes Julybut with some interesting work set backs and a medical setback on the part of the host I'll explain all next episode this took a while to publish.  Just a heads up we're headed for vacation in a couple weeks for some much needed rest.  But you aren't interested in that so let's talk about the show.  We start with the Embassy Lark and another of King Hildebrand's skemes then it's time for the Ovaltine League a program so fresh that while it's not BBC it's worth a listen.  We end by beginning Nightfall a Batman comic book BBC dramatized back in the eighties.  Enjoy.

This week we begin the second series of the Embassy Lark from January 17 of 1967.  We end with Smiley's People and a big preview for next week.  Also huge congrats go to Julie Anne brunch co host for getting asked a question and more importantly saying yes.  Enjoy

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Our goodbye will be brief as next week we're off to Tratvia for the second series.  If you're wondering if it's a late night in June and Matty's publishing some shows that have literally been waiting the answer is you're right.  Please enjoy.

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Why is Commander Povy getting rid of Pertwy?  Also listen to the next George Smiley drama.  Enjoy

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