Brunch With The Brits
In this episode we'll find out dark secrets about Oliver's past.  We'll also what happens when the Beach Boys meet the Maharishi and we'll learn all about King Stephen and Empress Maude.  Enjoy.
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First off thanks for all the support.  We Start with Sceptred Isle and learn how King Henry dies.  That was Henry I btw.  We then move to the Beach Boys and find out about the Pet Sounds album.  We'll end with Oliver.  Will the boy become a thief?  And stay tuned for the end as Matt Cox ruminates on life Disneyland and fun.  Don't forget Matt Cox is on live Sunday night at from 9 pm Eastern.  Enjoy
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We meet the first King Henry.  Plus we'll enjoy more Beach Boys music and get better acquainted with Oliver.  Enjoy.
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