Brunch With The Brits (otr)

As much as I hate to admit it the shorter format works we continue The Honorary schoolboy and we run in to some British embassy workers from jTratvia.  Enjoy

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This week we begin The Honourable Schoolboy and in the Navy Lark we marvel at Mr. Philip's promotion.  Also listener Duncan gets his email replied to ... sort of but what a wonderful email.  #pm17fun

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This was recorded long before I had a chance to publish.  We conclude Foundation and Whimsay plus an hour of Navy Lark? Why?  Because.

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This week PDM and I are off to Westfest the place I learned seven years ago that my heart was stolen.  Please enjoy this episode and learn what dietary change I'm making.  Any tips from you will help.  Thanks

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This week we explain the video you may or may not have seen.  Plus we'll put pm17 to bed before it even arrives in Anaheim this summer.  The best part is we've got our shows including Eric Troup's favorite detective.

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So this week we began something Matt thought we'd never do.  A go fund me account.  He was questioning it at time of recording but with podcast movement so close and with he and PDM knowing they couldn't afford it themselves well he's decided to try and raise the money.  If you're interested in helping go to and search for Matt Cox or podcast movement registration fees.  PDM will put the link in facebook later this week.  Now that we have that advertisement out of the way we got more Foundation we'll start more Peter Whimsay yes Zeek has pull around here or is the correct word tug?  Then it's Navy Lark and we continue Foundation.  Please enjoy. 

This week besides continuing our Whimsay story we're beginning to rerun Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy in better sound.  It was a request so often made I promised to do it as soon as possible.  Sadly we say goodbye to the lads in Tratvia for the first series but we also have an Agatha Sotheby thriller and get a little closer to our murderer.  Enjoy

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When Zeek the Dog asks for stuff it gets done.  When I married PDM I asked my best friend of 37 years to stand with me as mmy best man.  He said yes on one condition.  That we continue whaat FFred Bertelsen started and continue the Lord Peter Whimsay cannon here on Brunch.  Yes Eric Troup asked for his Lordship practically implored so ... like any good firend I've complied.  Enjoy Have His Carcass Eric the next few weeks are for you.

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We'll also as what became of an old Radio Netherlands presenter from bygone days and listen to two Embassy Larks plus the story of Ali BABa enjoy.

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This week on Brunch With The Brits it's part 2 of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but first we'll learn about Queen Victoria's sixtieth year in office, and begin unraveling the plot of Moris Prune while we listen to a parody of Moll Flanders.  Simon Russel Beal again plays Smiley.  Enjoy.

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