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In this episode we continue our countdown to the Friends of The Magic Meet at Disneyland later in July. But we also look back. Oh yes there's Peter Pan and "The Navy Lark," but our second hour is dedicated to the late Michel Jackson. This isn't a King Of Pop weekend filled with phone calls and songs heard over and over again but rather a Radio 2 docmentary called "Michael Jackson's Masterpiece." It discusses Thriller and what Thriller meant and symbolized. If this is your first time listening because you've just discovered us then I hope you come back when we return to normal. But for my loyal fans this hopefully will not disappoint. Remember you can email or call 206-338-5879. Please enjoy.

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In this episode we continue our fotm countdown with more from "The Wind In The Willows," and "Peter Pan." But first a look at "The Navy Lark." With "The Navy Lark," we learn what happens when a film crew wants to film our island draft. aAfter that we continue Peter Pan and a special birthday wish for Scott Mortis. After that we'll finish Mr. Toad. Please enjoy and don't forget our pannel this week. Phone us at 206-338-5879. Enjoy and is your email

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When doing a show of this type it's always a pleasure to get thrown a challenge. We've met it this week with gusto. We'll be looking at wWind In The Willows and Peter Pan plus you'll hear shadow memmories of my first trip to Disneyland. I hope you enjoy the two dramas plus the Navy Lark and if you want to listen to Cruising the Classics it's on Thursday night live at so enjoy. We start that at 9 Eastern and yo'll get the teaser at the end of th program.

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This is Brunch 71. First off lots of voice mail and email this week and all pro on The Avengers. That makes me feel good. Anyhow this week we have a history of sorts. It's Called "For One Night Illegally," and it traces the evolution of bootlegged recording. Anyone who remembers Springstein's famous line "Bootleggers roll your tapes." will love this show. Dixon ends its first run with us this week with George dealing with a gun toting soldier without Andy. And our boys in the Navy take a psychology test. Nothng unusal there but these are our boys. Next week we begin "When Disney Had Brunch," a four part look at original work that Disney adapted. Enjoy and don't forget to email with thoughts or suggestions and also call 206-338-5879 and being in California I had to get this in. Lakers in 6

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