Brunch With The Brits

As we begin our final podcast of 2008 I'd like to thank all the friends of the show. New old everyone. You're who make this show a pleasure to create every week. This week you'll hear plenty of Heather playing Crash in the background plus episode 4 of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold we take another look at Dave Podmore and take an early look at a young commedian named John Klese. Enjoy and happy New Year. Also check out

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It's early because well Cousin Tia's getting married and that's where I'll be Friday and I got a haircut scheduled for the morrow. Yay. Okay so what's on tap this week? Well after we hear part 3 of The SpyWho Came in From The Cold we listen to that Dickens classic first published in 1843. Enjoy and Merry Christmas Uncle Scrooge oops sorry

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In this episode we begin with episode 2 of The Spy Who Came IN From The Cold. After that we listen to Charles Dickens The Haunted Man And The Ghost's Bargain. The book was first published in 1848. It's a lot like Doctor Faustus. Then the show goes to the Goons. It's their verssion of A Christmas Carrol and if you like it let me know. Enjoy

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First off welcome to the holiday season. If you've nothing better to do this weekend and want to listen to some good live old time radio vissit for the third annual Christmas aka holiday marathon. Okay free plug over let's talk about this week. I finally got on Tower Of Terror and I've been meaning to talk about it at wttm and what with work being the usual postThanksgiving busy I thought I"d just say this. What the heck was I afraid of? I loved it. This week I start our Brunch with a bit of serial. Yes missspelling on purpose. We begin listening to The Spy Who Came In From The JCold this week. It's an espionage novel that's been numbered as one of the hundred greatest novels of all time. In our first episode Alec Lemus returns to England after being the station chief at Berlin's MI office. He's in for quite a surprise. I don't have a date on the episodes but the book came out in 1963. After episode 1 we have our mystery. It's our first look at Hercule Poirot. "Hercule Poirot's Christmas," by Agatha Christie takes place in 1938. This edition is from December 24 1986. Just who killed Simeon Lee? Was it his son David? Or Harry? Or George? Could it be Pilar the Spanish refugee? Was it Colnel Muster with the axe in the study? Oops wrong mystery. Enjoy. Full two hours in stereo. Questions or comments and you can find me at just look for Matt Cox it's as easy as grabing popcorn for aMortis Matine. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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