Brunch With The Brits

It's hard to believe that a little show started among a few friends with a passion for BBC radio has blossomed in to 70 episodes. And this week Brunch brings you music, commedy and police drama. I'd like to say that if you like Pink Floyd you'll love this show ... if you're a casual observer of the band you'll like this show and if you love the band and its psychedelic sound this will go in to your ipod along with your Dark Side of the Moon album. But we can't flood you with Floyd without taking a cruise on the HMS Troutbridge or learn from Officer Dixon about rowdy Spurs fans so ... say when ... and get ready to enjoy Brunch With The Brits.

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Sadly this week two shows end. Hitchhikers goes on hiatus after the second series ends. Meanwhile in Portsmouth we look at "The Gun Mechanism Test." With Dixon we learn how a baby was named after Dixon and we sadly say goodbye to Bob Hope.

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Just how did Arthur Dent wind up among archaeologists? wWhat happened when a drunken night in Portsmouth went crazy?? Why were so many servicemen drawn to Bob Hope's humor? And how did PC Crawford make his first arrest? All to be answered this week. I am attending fotm in July at Disneyland. We're working on a Brunch meet and setting ourselves up on the fotm page. If you're coming let me know. 

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Just what happens when Arthur Dent gets captured by a bunch of birds? Also who is Heather's Hank? What was it like to write for Bob Hope? Oh and Whose Line is it Anyway? All this week at Brunch. Enjoy.

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