Brunch With The Brits

In this episode we begin with our Galactic hitchhike. Just what do aliens think of British tea? Feel free to share and enjoy. Meanwhile an admiral is throwing a party at Portsmouth and Price and Philips are there but so is the Chief. At Whose Line John Bird and Jimmy Mullville join John Sessions and Steven Fry and Bob Hope continues to amaze as we leave New York for Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Btw Friends of The Magic is in July and we're preparing a pannel disscussion about two British authors and Disney. Want to help? Email with"Pannel in the subject line. And if you want to see me play in the Disney Feud email and tell him that while Brunch is not a Disney podcast we're celebrating Friends of the Magic the only way the BBC knows how. Enjoy.

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I'm leaving for an early retreat this weekend so the show's early. For our 65th edition we begin as always with Hitchhikers then see what happens with Philips command of the Trowbridge play a bit of Whose Line this week with Griff Ries Jones and Kate Robbins and finally learn about Bob Hope's life in Cleveland. Enjoy.

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First off Dave Bales joins us twice this week. Once to say thanks to MOrtis but be sure and listen to the end of the program for a very misty Dave Bales. I picture the Oregon Coast as misty. As far as programs well trouble arrises off Portsmouth Harbour when our Navy boys discover they haven't spent a dime of the unit comfort fund. Meanwhile our hitchhikers return and everyone seems involved including Ford and Arthur. We then play Whose Line with Clive Anderson and we begin "The Bob Hope Trail." First stop? Ellis Island. Enjoy your Brunch. Btw next week gang with my retreat your getting Brunch early.

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This week we begin with a documentary called "Who Killed Jesus," for Easter. It's quite well done and may leave you with some questions. aAfter that we revissit that little island off the coast of Portsmouth only to find the lads are off to sea. Finally in honor of our dear friend Mr. Bales we present James Bond in "Dr. No." Enjoy and happy Easter.

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As a new podcaster meaning less then a year it's hard to believe I've gained an audience this fast. One fan Dave has emailed me a lot first off to say that he's enjoyed all shows from number 1 to now. So why not celebrate his birthday? We start with "The Mysterious Affair At Styles," which we finish this week. Were you surprised at the murderer? Then we listen to "The Navy Lark," and finally finish "The Pickwick papers." We end with a teaser for next week's show which even though it's for Dave we hope the rest of you will enjoy as well. Enjoy.

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