Brunch With The Brits
John Lingard for almost two hours plus a look at twentwenty twelve and more.  Enjoy
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Sorry about the delay.  We go back to the work of Frank Richards this time to listen to Billy Bunter's Christmas Party.  Plus Navy Lark and Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.
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Just who is George Smiley?  You'll meet him this week plus Navy Lark and This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.
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This week we're joined by producer Director Maria for Navy Lark Sceptred Isle and the conclussion of The Guns Of Navaron.  Enjoy.
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Plus This Sceptred Isle and Navy Lark.  Enjoy.
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The Guns Of Navarone continues.  Alng with Navy Lark and Sceptred Isle.
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We discuss the rise of Oliver Cromwell plus ask the question of Captain Povy's marriage.  Then we'll begin The Guns Of Navarone.
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We'll begin with This Sceptred Isle then we'll catch Navy Lark and end with Sherlock Holmes.
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Plus we'll hear Navy Lark and continue with This Sceptred Isle.
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We have three episodes of Sceptred Isle for you plus Sherlock Holmes introduces us to Mycrofft and we have a fun historical episode of Navy Lark.  Enjoy.
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