Brunch With The Brits

Yes we revissit The Third Man Graham Green's thought provoking novel of postwar Vienna.  We also have This Sceptred Isle in which we meet Judge Jeffries and the home guard get their first taste of Battle School.  Btw don't forget the first ever bWTB meet at Disneyland.  Please vissit for details.  Contact

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This week we'll conclude what Graham Green said was "the best spy novel ever written."  Also in Dad's Army this week what happens when the platoon get hoodwinked by another platoon.  We'll also learn about the Monmouth Rebellion in This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy. 

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This week we continue John La Care's famous novel dealing with the cold War.  We'll also look at A Stripe For Frazier in Dad's Army and look at This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.

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Yes this week we feature John Lacare's most famous novel.  An espionage thriller Graham Green once said was "the best spy novel I ever read."  Brian Cox as Lemus and Simon Russell Beal as Smiley.  But before we get there we do have some British history to learn this week it's on Pilgrim's Progress and Paradise Lost.  Also in Dad's Army we learn Sergant Wilson's Little Secret.  Enjoy and as always email the show at come join us on facebook and twitter and join us in August at Disneyland at the Friends of the Magic gathering sponsored by 

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