Brunch With The Brits

Was Aldo in Fantassyland those first seven chapters?  Chapter 9 gives you a good hard look at his home life his children his thoughts.  and ... his father.  Enjoy thanks to John Lingard for his hard work

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And it's not Joan Blackett however enjoy first a bit of Navy Lark as we thank Julie Anne for getting us Admiral Pertwy's Fleet.  Enjoy

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Thanks again for John Lingard's tireless work on this project

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Singapore ... just before the Japanese occupation.  Look at one of the most unique trade centers of the world just before occupation.  You'll find out why the host has taken sucn an interest and enjoy Mike Walker's skillful direction.  Enjoy

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Only 31 more to go gang and I hope you're enjoying this.  Special thanks to John Lingard for his work.

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David Bles always likes it when we have a good long brunch ... well dave this one's for you.  If you miss the days of brunches so unstructured yet structured this one is for you.  We'll begin with a Navy Lark redo as we listen again to The Povey's Move House from 8/1/65 thanks Julie Anne for this.  We'll then conclude the Viking Way and conclude eaarthsearch.  So sit back and relax.  Next week a good old fashioned war drama.

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