Brunch With The Brits

We conclude Smith in the city but before that some well deserved Hancock as we talk about the lad's taking over a major newspaper and the fact that Mayor James wishes to turn the lad's home in to a dog track.  Enjoy

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So we continue Psmith In the City with the P forever being silent plus two episodes of Hancock in which we learn just how Hancock won the war.  Enjoy

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This week after an hour of Hancock we'll study the death of Charles Dickens and then plunge head long in to that master of satire PG Wood House.  Enjoy

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This week we have a brief time with Hancock's Half Hour a whole seven minutes thought llost.  Then we'll learn about the Irish church and begin Smith In The City the long promised drama.  With Simon Williams as Woodhouse also Matt gives some thoughts on the I player.  Enjoy

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