Brunch With The Brits
When I put this episode together I had no idea just who Patty Austin was.  I know now and I think you to will enjoy "Uncle Sam Goes Pop."  It's the story of v discs and how they took American jazz all over the world.  We'll also continue with this Sceptred Isle and see just how difficult it was to unfy England.  And Hercule Poirot is here with "Murder on the LInks."  Enjoy.
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We say goodbye to Jean and LInoel this week plus more from The sceptred Isle we'll actually fight the Battle of Hastings.  We thenthen look at a Navy Lark episode that didn't make a season and we conclude Cluds of Witness.  Enjoy and prep for a new documentary and next week ... all about Hercule.
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Okay so I screwed up and call this episode 122 during recording.  Must be the wine.  Anyway we'll start with This Sceptred Isle and learn all about the Battle of Stanford Bridge.  We then turn to As Time Goes By and meet again with Aunt Penny.  Mark Steel concludes with a solution on the economy and we end as always with Lord Peter.  Just what is the smooth sleuth doing in New York anyway?  Enjoy.
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