Brunch With The Brits (drama)

This week from stately Lingard Towers we're treated to more then a few treats but beware behind the treats there are a few tricks as well.  In keeping with the season we'll listen to a Wilkie Collins dramatization of The Haunted Hotel but we'll have time to laugh with Radioactive who said people from Oxford weren't funny hear a reading from Lincoln City Radio of Philip K Dick's The I's have it and conclude with a radio play entitled Bah Bah Black Sheep which in my opinion is good enough for BBC you be the judge.  Either way you feel John needs to be thanked for his hard work allowing me to step away for a bit.  Thank you John

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Singapore ... just before the Japanese occupation.  Look at one of the most unique trade centers of the world just before occupation.  You'll find out why the host has taken sucn an interest and enjoy Mike Walker's skillful direction.  Enjoy

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