Brunch With The Brits
In Churchill's Bodyguard the war is almost over.  As the Navy Lark episode for this week is missing from the collection we'll start our Christmas with an episode of Dial M For Pizza and finish that series.  Then we'll finish "The Quiet American."  Stay tuned for a special announcement from Matt about wher you can find otr starting next week. 
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In this episode we learn what happens when Churchill is clinically dead set sail yet again with Troutbridge and in the second episode of Quiet American Fowler returns to the battlefront but even there he isn't safe. Pyle has another serious confession to make. Remember the voice mail is always open at 206-337-4078. Enjoy.

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While this is not the last of our Avengers stories we may have to go back to weekly on these and that's for one reason only. Matt's stressed. So please enjoy the rest of "Love all," while Matt prepares 95.

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This time nothing from Twitch the cat but more from the Avengers. Just what does a char lady have to do with secret Government plots? How does Rodney get away? And will John and Emma get any closer to the problem's vortex? Enjoy this Avengers episode.

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This week we begin the next Avengers serial. There's news about Mother a brief chat about the Avengers tv series and we get more of a spy thriller. Enjoy "Love All." Remember to call 206-337-4078

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This week we see what happens when Winston and Walter vissit Tehran. We also finish "The Quick Quick Slow Death," and start Graham Green's Quiet American. Plus our weekly look at The Navy Lark. Remember the new voice mail is 206-337-4078

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Trouble continues at the Dance Studio but with both Steed and Peal on the job what will happen next? This will conclude tommorow. 

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Just what is the t word that goes with Mrs. Peal's drink? And are we getting closer to who killed Arthur Peever? Was it really Arthur Peever who was killed? And what does tatooing a sausage have to do with all this? It's based on a British tv show and recorded in South Africa plus a few recorded announcements. Enjoy.

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