Brunch With The Brits

Yes he's back with The Adventure Of The Empty House.  We also begin a twenty nine episode PG Woodhouse reading of Mike A Public School Story from John Lingard.  But we also have Dad's ARmy with If The Cap Fits My Music and Harry Lime with It's IN The Bag and don't forget our look at English history with This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.

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And so much more.  We start with Harry Lime and the story jdead JCandidate.  Then we'll play a round of my Music and see how the pannel does with the letter D.  We then learn about the Union of England and Scotland.  We listen to the concluding episode in the first series of Hancock's Half Hour.  Then we love you guys so we're bringing back jDad's Army for its second series.  First episode Don't Forget the Diver.  Then we'll conclude the Old Curiosity Shop.  It's a three hour thirty minute brunch ... enjoy it.

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This week we continue the Old Curiosity Shop.  Plus we'll hear Harry Lime in "Earl On Troubled Waters."  Hancock tells us of "The Sheikh" we learn of the jBattle of Blenheim and have a round of my Music.  Enjoy.

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This week will Grandpa sucumb to gambling?  And what of Quilp?  Well you will have to wait as we bring back this sceptred Isle plus Hancock buys a house on a cliff .  Enjoy.

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