Brunch With The Brits

This week after our jaunt to Arizona we return for more Brunch action.. We begin with our mystery in which a murderer has been caught ... but is it Poirot's man? Then we revissit that little island off the coast of Portsmouth where the seamen have hatched up a skeme to get duty free smokes. Unfortunately it's during an inspection. Then we turn to Pickwick. Since he won't pay he's off to debtor's prison. This is a hard look at English debtor prison and one should be reminded that Dickens himself spent time in the Marshallsea while his father was paying off debt. Enjoy.

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If I seem rushed this week well we're leaving for Arizona and spring baseball in a few hours. Yes. Spring training and I still wanted to get a full show up. So here goes. You start off with part 3 of Mysterious Affair at Styles. Then we finish Dave Podmore and finally hear ep 6 of The Pickwick Papers. Enjoy.

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Yes it's tripple the p here at Brunch this week as we bring you more Poirot with part two of the Mysterious Affair At Styles. Then we return to Dave Podmore. A Russian billionaire wants to turn a cricket ground in to a supermarket. Finally we return to dear Mr. Pickwick and see how Christmas and a wedding come together. Don't forget to call us at 206-338-5879 or email us at ... enjoy!

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Hercule Poirot is back at Brunch. But this time he's in his first mystery "The Mysterious Affair AT Styles." It starrs John Moffett. We then listen to the final episode of As Time Goes By entitled "Hollywood or Bust." We end then with The Pickwick Papers well we're halfway to its end. It's entitled "Proposals and Perambulations." A dual and a lawsuit plus Jingle and his servant tTrotter what will Pickwick run in to next? Questions comments? Email us at or call us at 206-338-5829

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