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This week on Brunch we want you to note the new times for Brunch We're actually going to attempt to get the shows to you between Thursday and Friday nights here in the Us or possibly Wednesday depending on the host's vacation plans.  We hope you're having a good summer yourselves and here's this week's line up.  We'll start with Harry Lime as always and listen to The Hard Way from June 27 of 1952.  We'll then return to England and learn about Pitt's anxieties in This Secptred Isle from Feb 7 of 1996.  We finish dad's ARmy Series 2 this week with The Day The Baloon went up from June 24 of 1975 and conclude with Mike. By the way if you're enjoying Mike you get Chapter 19 and a bit of bonus brunch with Chapter 20.  Enjoy.
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This week on BWTB we'll begin as always with The Lives of Harry Lime and The Professor Regrets from June 20 of 1952.

 We'll then meet Clive of India and find out how India looked in the mid seventeenth century.  Note it was not a

colony yet.  In Dad's Army what happens when the platoon are sent off to do ... farmwork?  And is Warden Hodges

turning a new leaf?  And we'll conclude with Mike Chapter 18.  Bob has good news for Mike.  Enjoy.
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This week we'll start with The LIves of Harry Lime and Blackmail is a Nasty Word from June 13 of 1952.  Then in

Sceptred Isle we'll discuss more of mid eighteenth century England.  We'll then listen to Dad's army and hear what

happens when A Wilso becoes bank manager.  We'll conclude with Mike and hear more from the Edington match and what

happens when the school gets chcicken pox.  Enjoy.
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This week on BWTB we'll begin as always with The LIves Of Harry Lime and "A Night In A Harem."  Then we'll discuss

Hogarth and the Price of Gin in this Sceptred Isle.  On Dad's Army Captain Mannering becomes a "Fallen Idol," and

we'll end as always with Mike and Chapter 16.  Uncle John's in town and he talkes a look at Mikes' wrist.  Is it

really hurt?  Enjoy
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Brunch With The Brits 264 features Harry Lime on the Mediteranean again as we solve The Pearls of Bohemia from May 30 of 1952.  We learn then about Bonnie Prince Charley in This Sceptred Isle.  In Dad's Army what happens when Jones loses money meant for a charity "Don't Panic," ... no really don't.  We conclude with Mike and as Mike has been threagtened after insulting a fellow cricket player what then?
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