Brunch With The Brits
We finish off the tenth century in This sceptred Isle then find out how Lionel does with his new secretary.  We'll end with Peter Whimsay.  Lady Mary has a lot of explaining to do.  Enjoy.
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Here's the episode truly dedicated to The Mortis.  It's on school and again it's from our good friend Mark Steel.  Enjoy.
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Mark Steel discusses the Engllish judicial system and how he'd reform it.  Enjoy
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We start this week by learnin about AAthelston.  Then how do Jean and Lionel cope with jetlag?  And just who is the motorcyclist and the missing diamond cat?
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I always look forward to guest hosts.  John Lingard of Lincoln England is in this week with a South African look at The Navy Lark.  Plus we'll end our second season of Navy Lark and continue Clouds of Witness.  Just who murdered Captain Dennis Cathgart?  In England Alfred dies and Edward takes over.  Enjoy.
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We'll begin by learning about Alfred The Great the King who founded the British Navy.  Then we'll see just what disrepair the Navy can get in to when Mr. Murray goes sick.  We'll conclude My Music for this round and finish by listening to the first episode of Clouds of Witness.  Enjoy.
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