Brunch With The Brits
In Navy Lark we'll learn about a counterfeiter who sneaks aboard Troutbridge plus we'll finish the current series of This Sceptred Isle and we continue Pay Any Price.
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The Duke will be at Westfest during the royal festivities but he does have an episode of Navy Lark plus we continue Pay Any Price and learn about Edward II.  Enjoy.
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There's a note from John Lingard that concerns Pay Any Price.  We'll learn a bit about Ted Albury and Robert Bruce.  In Portsmouth find out what happens when an efeciency expert comes to inspect Troutbridge.  And there's Producer Director Marias Valentine's day too.
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Pay Any Price comes closer to the assinasination of Kennedy and we learn about Anabushkin flu.  Yes Johnson will sing.  Plus the Welsh laws and the beginning of the Prince of wales.  As in the one getting married.
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