Brunch With The Brits

We continue The Looking Glass Wars by John Lacarre.  But we also have Dad's Army in which there is "No Spring For Frazier," Harry Lime investigates Works of Art and for Dave Bales we conclude another series of This Sceptred Isle.  Plus Eric Troup stops by with an email Andrew Kirby checks in and Matt Cox continues his diagtribe on Revolution.  Email the show at  and as always enjoy.

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This is not Lewis Carroll but rather the next George Smiley thriller from George La Care.  But before that we continue with This Sceptred Isle.  King William will die and soon be replaced by Queen Anne.  In Dad's Army we learn about the menace from the deep and Harry Lime takes a Trans Atlantic cruise in Rogues Holiday.  Plus Matt Cox goes off on the TV show Revolution and why being visually impaired ... he was disappointed.  It's not British but JJ Abrahams may want to listen.

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This week we first learn about war in Europe on This Sceptred Isle.  Then in Dad's Army what happens when a great shock hits Captain Mannering?  Finally we conclude with Harry Lime in Saudi Arabia this week with Love Affair.  To support me in the walk for Childrens Hospital please go to  and email the show at  enjoy.

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We begin with This Sceptred Isle and the Battle of the Boyne.  Then in Dad's ARmy we'll listen to The Bullet Must Not be Fired.  We'll conclude with Harry Lime and The Bohemian Star.  Just what is our favorite con artist doing in London?  Enjoy and as always email the show at

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This week it's a real short episode with the Labor Day holiday in the United States.  However we do have Sceptred Isle as we learn about the Jacobites, in Dad's Army we find out what happens when the platoon have to learn to use a phone box in Sorry Wrong Number and Harry Lime is off to Haiti in Voodoo.  Enjoy and email us at and join the group on facebook under Brunch With The Brits.  Have a great Labor Day if you're in the States.

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