Brunch With The Brits

So the novel continues casidy continues waiting and John gets some wonderful reading done.  Thanks so much John for your hard work.

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this week we'll listen to the Mutual Radio Theater.  While it's not recorded in London an all star caast will explain what truly happened to old Scrooge.  Vincent Price hosts.  We also have Navy Lark and Dave Bales faavorte documentary on British history.  We're gonna learn about Victoria not the secret ... or the station but the Queen

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As always thanks to John Lingard for his hard work and enjoy this chapter as we delver deeper in to the life of one Aldo Cassidy

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In the British tradition of course on this cold Christmas night we pause for some ghost stories nd some of Uncle John's home made whiskey punch made of course by the county counselman of Tooting.  Enjoy

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Thanks to John Lingard for reading this work.  Much shorter this week and next however the mind of Aldo is always complex.

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We'll actually start with The Navy Lark in which the crew of Troutbridge go on a chopper ride and will Robin find his Lillian Gish Calendar?  Hmm enjoy

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Was Aldo in Fantassyland those first seven chapters?  Chapter 9 gives you a good hard look at his home life his children his thoughts.  and ... his father.  Enjoy thanks to John Lingard for his hard work

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And it's not Joan Blackett however enjoy first a bit of Navy Lark as we thank Julie Anne for getting us Admiral Pertwy's Fleet.  Enjoy

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Thanks again for John Lingard's tireless work on this project

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Singapore ... just before the Japanese occupation.  Look at one of the most unique trade centers of the world just before occupation.  You'll find out why the host has taken sucn an interest and enjoy Mike Walker's skillful direction.  Enjoy

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