Brunch With The Brits
Richard is a crusader.  Johnson and the Chief?  Mutiners.  My Music?  Well a great and P Division find out about ... the lader.  Enjoy.
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We begin with My Music.  We then enjoy This Secptred Isle Navy Lark and P Division by Peter Turnbull.
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Just why does Henry II want the death of Thomas Beckett?  What is the wine the chief is preparing instead of the rum ration?  What kind of musical questions will be asked this week?  And what does Africa have to do with World War I?  All this week on Brunch With The Brits
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We finish Dracula this week.  Thanks for Larry Gassman for this program.  We also begin season 3 of Navy Lark and play a round with Steve Race of My Music.
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This week we listen to three episodes of Dracula.  Plus Mymusic enjoyc.  Enjoy.
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