Brunch With The Brits

It's a new format while Matt works on projects at the office meantime the vicar has joined the home guard.  Enjoy

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You're going to hear hints of a new format this week on bwtb more in 315 but in the meantime enjoy the conclussion of the Man in the Brown Suit.

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As we've been busy hob nobbing with friends at Disneyland making new friends and catcching up with old I thought it necesarry to conclude The King Must Die.  It's an awesome conclussion.  We'll also continue The Man in the Brown Suit which we will conclude next week.  Enjoy

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This week as I'am at frinds of the magic ... if you're at Disneyland look for Maria and I serving tea literally we'll be just showing King Must Die for one episode.  Enjoy

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This week we continue the Man in the Brown Suit we learn about a prime minister in exile and Theseus meets his Amazonian love.  Enjoy

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