Brunch With The Brits

This week we continue Smith In The City plus we'll begin to learn of the Madness of King George.  Our feature of course is the Long Goodbye a Philip Marlow novel writeen by raymond Chandler dramatized by Bill Morrison and starring Ed Bishop.  Enjoy

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So there I was relaxing this morning coffee on one hand bagel on the other bloody Mary Somewhere between the twain and going through brunch and no wonder 301 is so short.  You're missing Smith In The City Part 1.  Here it is and please enjoy read by Jonathan Cecil.  Again the spirit of Lingard is with us in the voice of Smith.  Enjoy this then go back and listen to 301 His Last Bow.  You'll be glad you did.

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However for those of you who can't get enough of Smith fear not as we'll begin Smith In The City.  It's not John Lingard but Jonathan Cecil this time.  It's almost as if the two are walking in one shadow.  Also we'll look at the Irish victims of the American Revolution.  Enjoy.

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No emotions no frills just good old brunchy fun as we listen to an awesome Navy Lark and the best Sherlock Holmes in the Bert Cools collection.  Enjoye

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This week Matt talks about his trip to Westfest and his meeting with Michelle from no worries Maria was there as well.  But we do have a show a full show in fact as we listen to three more episodes of Navy Lark, follow that up with a look at Yorktown and finish off with Sherlock Holmes and Mike and Smith.  Enjoy.

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