Brunch With The Brits

As we've been going through season 1 of Dad's Army, I thought it'd be fun to look at a radio play that examines the friendship between John La Mesurer and Arthur Lowe.  So we'll listen to Dear Arthur Love John as our featured play this week.  But we also have Harry Lime with my favorite episode in the series so far ,"Ticket to Tangier," Dad's army entertains with The Lonliness of the Long Distance Walker," and we'll learn in this Sceptred Isle about life in the Kingdom of William and Mary.  Plus John Lingard wraps up his amazing Olympics report.  Enjoy and as always email the show at follow us on twitter at and you can follow the open group on facebook.  For Brunch with The Brits.  Enjoy.

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This week John Lingard returns home to the Lingard studios before continuing his holiday.  He presents a program he recorded while at his remote studios in Kent from where he vissited Olympic Park watched fencing his wife watched tennis and he stood six feet from Matt Lauer from Today.  But we also have a show to get too.  So we continue learning about William Of Orange and his return to war in This Sceptred Isle.  In Dad's Army we listen to The Showing Up of Lance Corporal Jones and we continue with The Lives of Harry Lime and the episode from August 17 1951.  Enjoy and send the show email at follow us on facebook and twitter at and as always thanks for listening.

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Okay so some of what we've played has been kind of dark lately I know so why not join us for this classic English tale as only PL Travers could write it and Juliet Stevenson could starr in it.  But first we have Harry Lime from August 10 of 1951 with See Naples and Live we continue our look at English history with a look at William Of Orange and we also have Dad's Army with Something Nasty In The Vault from April 15 of 1974.  Also Matt gives a full description of the the first ever brunch meet at Friends of The Magic 2012 at Disneyoland.  Enjoy and remember to email the show at join our ever groing face book group at or follow us on twitter at

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We begin the Harry Lime series with its first episode for BBC light.  From August 3 of 51 it's Too Many Crooks starring Orson Wells.  But we also have DAd's Army and the episode Under Fire and on This sceptred Isle we'll be studdying the 1688 revolution.  Enjoy and as always email us at find us on twitter at and find us at  enjoy.

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