Brunch With The Brits
If you have Gladiator flashbacks this week I completely understand.  We're hearing about Marcus Aurelius.  We'll also take a trip to Callais with our Naval draft play a round of My Music and learn all about the Vikings.  Enjoy.
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In this week's Caesar we'll meet Hadrian.  Plus we'll check in on the Admiral who is celebrating fifty years of service.  Matt Cox also gives a brief nod to the passing of Fez Parker and we'll hear all about Saxon England and play a bit of Strauss with the My Music team.
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How would it be if you had to go to sea hung over?  Why did rome really burn?  And just how will our pannel do while Steve Race plays the piano as they pretend to direct silent films?  All this week on BWTB.
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What in the heck is Farmville?  We begin this week's Brunch by asking that question.  Then we get serious with the programming.  We start with This Sceptred Isle and meet St. Augustine.  How does Captain Stanton do on a cross country run?  How does Claudius become a god?  And we'll play My Music with some work from Faust amongst others.  Enjoy
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