Brunch With The Brits

Not wishing to give to much away we'll start with Hercule Poirot again in a tale in which Poirot rescues the English Prime minister.  Then it's off to Paris again with Harry Lime in Every Frame Has a Silver Lining.  Finally Part 1 of a truly awesome Halloween story.  Enjoy.  Email the show at thanks

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This week we almost didn't get on the air due to our lengthy show on Wednesday.  We only have one show as we're waiting for more megspace.  And it's Harry Lime from 10/19/51  he's in Bordeaux this time in a counterfeit racket.  Please enjoy.  Email the show at follow us on twitter and follow us on facebook with more megs comes more stuff we promise so hang in there.  Matt and Maria

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I love feedback.  Possitive negative no exception it's important when feedback gets answered.  This go round Matt Cox spends thirty minutes answering a listener's valued feedback.  If you have coments please email the show at or join us on facebook.  And thanks for the feedback.  Then Poirot is off to investigate a mysterious San Francisco diamond.  and its "dissappearance"  enjoy.

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Poirot is back in our Brunch at Bedtime segment with The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman.  This time a mysterious phone call lures Poirot over to Regents Court.  Then we're off to wonderful Hong Kong with Harry Lime.  Well actually we're halfway around the world as we listen to The Golden Fleece from 10/12/51's episode.  Enjoy.  Email the show at follow us on facebook and twitter.  enjoy.

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Welcome to Brunch At Bedtime an occasional series of yes you guessed it spoken word audio and we continue Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie.  This time Hastings and Hercule are off to Brighton.  Just who stole the pearls?  It wasn't the butler this was a hotel after all.  Also this week Julie Anne Watson of Perth Australia joins us to discuss her involvement with the JDRF walk there.  Go to for more info.  Thanks and enjoy and we'll see you Friday. actually Saturday.

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You might think that Hercule Poirot is the only thing you'll hear on Brunch this week but oh ye of little faith we have so much more.  We'll start with Hercule yes but after that we'll listen to Lory Lee's Long Sleep, a documentary about the author of Cider With Rosie.  Then we'll conclude Dad's Army with Sons Of The Sea and end with Harry Lime and Operation Music Box.  Lots to enjoy.  This is the last week for Choc Walk donations for myself or PDM  go to or for more or to donate.  and to email the show go to find us on facebook or on twitter as well.

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