Brunch With The Brits

We at last come to the end of The Newly Discoverfed Casebook of Sherlock Holmes and yes Holmes and Watson are after a gas powered pornography ring. After that Pickwick's pursuit of Jingle gets hot ... but an attorney's letter and a summons to London makes marriage rather cold. And speaking of love Jean and Lionel will investigate living together ... at last. Don't forget to ring us up at 206-338-5829 and the email at is always open. Enjoy.

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This week Mrs. Hudson helps Holmes and Watson solve a case involving a medium. One more case and we put Holmes and Watson away for a bit. After that Pickwick and the gang continue their adventures where we ask these questions. Just what is up with Rachel and Mr. Jingle? And is that really June Whitfield playing Rachel? We end as always with Jean and Lionel and yet another vissit from Aunt Penny. Don't forget to call us at 206-338-5879 with ideas and please enjoy the show.

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First off we'd love to hear from you so don't forget to call us at 206-338-5879. This week? The love of Holmes and Watson is demonstrated as they overthrow a plot to murder Quene Victoria. After that we debut The Pickwick Papers a classic BBC serial, followed by our favorite lovers Jean and Lionel with the episode "Your Place or Mine." Please enjoy.

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Just what was Bob dDylan's first trip to England like? You'll learn about it this week along with a case from the Newly Discovered Casebook of Sherlock HOlmes and Jean and Lionel ... in Paris. Don't forget to join us on facebook at the brunch with the Brits group. Full stereo. Enjoy.

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