Brunch With The Brits
There will be two episodes of Isle this week.  Plus you'll begin a novel that takes place during the Kennedy years.  Enjoy
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We finish the second season of My Music with a flourish.  Then we listen to a day in the life of thirteenth century England.  It's Families Day aboard Troutbridge and Holmes solves the currious case of the Stock Brokers Clerk.
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Is Captian Povey really taking his leave?  Who was Simon Demonfort?  And what is the yellow face?
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What does Able Seaman Johnson want for his birthday?  Who won the wessex Cup?  And welcome back Sherlock Holmes. 
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"Doomsday And Beyond," first began life as a DC commic back in 1993.  This week we'll listen to the BBC edition from November 2006 featurin Stewart Miligan as Superman.  Enjoy.  Sherlock Holmes returns next week along with our reular programs.
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