Brunch With The Brits

This week happy Halloween. We're in the middle of "The Legend of Sleepy HOllow," on our naval island we're bringing back the aAdmiral's barge we get closer to seeing what happens with John sSteed at a posh dancing school and we get a birds eye view of Anglo American relations during WWII with Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Enjoy

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This week Sherlock HOlmes take a well deserved holiday. Find out why as you listen. However we'll meet the Avengers for the first time revissit our naval draft and find out what happened when Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt met for the first time.

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I'd like to get one thng straight this week before I post. We are not a sports podcast. Yet with the Angels down 2 games and yyours truly here in California I thought ... well I needed to vent to someone dear listeners. Anyway we'll begin with Churchill's bodyguard and "Dangerous tTravels." Then we return to the Navy Lark. We'll be with our friends in the Navy until at least next April so if you're a Navy Lark friend or know one please tell your friends. We conclude this week with "The Man With The Twisted Lip." Please enjoy.

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We'll start with Churchills Bodyguard and cover the years leading up to and bringing England in to WWII. After that we listen to "Dial M For Pizza," and listen to "The Five Orange Pips." Please enjoy.

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In this episode we begin as usual with Churchill's Bodyguard. With Walter and Winston in the United States we learn how Churchill averts Indian Nationalists and see how Gandhi and Churchill indirectly cross paths. Then we'll have our final laugh for a while in the Castle. How will Anne stop Sam from hanging? We finish with Sherlock Holmes and the Boscom Valley mystery. Please enjoy.

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I knew something was wrong all week this week. Maybe it was the fact it was our aniversary but here is your correct episode for last week. You'll start with Churchill's Bodyguard and learn how Winston does with Indian assasins in the US. Then we'll see how Sir John does recruiting people for the crusades and see how Sherlock Holmes solves a case ... from his armchair.

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