Brunch With The Brits

This week Raymond Chandler's The Little Sister is our featured presentation.  We'll hear Ed Bishop as Philip Marlowe from 1977.  A good story because you actually see sympathy this time for both the detective and the police.  We also have Dad's Army in which the well armored might of Lance Corporal Jones is tested.  In This Sceptred Isle we meet the first Winston Churchill and we end the Josephine Baker story.  Please enjoy and if you have questions please email us at follow us on twitter at or friend the group on facebook.  Thanks.

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This week we'll start with Sceptred Isle, continue the Josephine Baker story and in Dad's Army listen to The Battle For Godfrey's Cottage.  Then we'll have an hour of Strong Poison concluding the serial.  Only Lord Peter knows if Harriet is innocent.  Enjoy and as always email us at join the Brunch With The Brits group on facebook or follow us on twitter at 

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This week Matt shares some thoughts about the jubilee concert.  But remembering we have a full slate ... John Lingard continues his series with radio broadcasting in the seventies along with an episode of The Burkes Way.  In Dad's Army we will listen to The Enemy At The Gate.  We also will hear about the great fire in This Sceptred Isle.  We'll continue to learn about Josephine Baker and we'll continue Strong Poison.  A hint for next week if you like Peter Whimsay you get a double dose.  Email the show at or join our group on facebook or follow us on twitter at  enjoy

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This week we end the current series of My Music.  Then we'll learn about the first political parties in England on This Sceptred Isle.  We'll then listen to Command Decission from the first series of Dad's Army and we'll continue Strong Poison by listening to the third episode in the series.  We'll conclude with The Josephine Baker Story.  Email the show at also send mp3s thee as well.  As always ... enjoy.

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Being the first in a an occasional series of lectures on brunchable subjects but mostly concerning the host.  No programs this week as we uh overshot our megs but never fear we're learnin and we thank listeners and discuss what can be looked forward to on the show.  Plus we're going to Disneyland join us as part of the friends of the magic gathering this August.  For more info email or vissit  and ... enjoy.

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