Brunch With The Brits

More from Whimsay the Navy Secptred Isle and two chapters of Secret Adversary.  Enjoy

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A quick starting note.  BABT 9 is also included with three chapters of Secret Adversary.  We start with Navy Lark and The Whitlesea Regatta.  Then in Sceptred Isle we learn about the Boston massacre ... well not really but that's what the title says.  We then continue with The Five Red Herrings.  Stay tuned for three chapters from Agatha Christies' Secret Adversary. Enjoy

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Further adventures of Tommy and Julius. Enjoy

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Why have all of Campbell's murder suspects dissappeared?  Lord Peter Whimsay continues to investigate.  Plus we have Navy Lark with A Deliberate Bashing which Povy is behind and we'll begin to learn about the industrial revolution.

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The gang find Jane but what will they larn about that fateful liner trip?  Enjoy

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