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We conclude His Dark Matterials with The Amber Spyglass from January 18 2003. Will Lyra and Will find each other again? Afterwords we take a look at the next serialized drama and some commedy we'll be playing over the next few weeks. Full stereo. Remember you can call us at 206 338 5879. You can find Brunch on facebook now and become Matt Cox's friend as well. And if you just want to email email us at

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So we return to His Dark Matterials with the second episode in the trillogy called "The Subtle Knife." Lyra meets Will from our world. Matt also gives his thoughts on his recent vissit to see Phantom at the Pantageous in Los Angeles, plus your voice mail and an email. Don't forget to call with your thoughts at 206 338 5879. Enjoy.

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This week we move away from our normal format to bring you the first of a three part trillogy called "His Dark Matterials." It's a series that was written by Philip Pullman and for those of you who remem ber the film "The Golden Compass," well .... this is it. It's called "Northern Lights," and was originally broadcast on Jan 4 2003 as "The Saturday Play." I don't want to say much more but if you like it or wanna chat about it the voice mail is open at 206-338-5879. Btw next week I'll be seeing Phantom Of The Opera on Opening night here at the Pantages in Hollywood so I'll say a little. Enjoy.

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This week The sSpy Who Came In From The Cold finally concludes with Episode 6. I think you'll understand why it was voted in the top 100 best spy novels. We then look at a show that's a BBC radio legend. It's "The Navy Lark," the first episode entitled "The Missing US Jeep." We end with Part 2 of "A Study in Scarlet," and pay close attention to next week's teaser. Finally ever wanted your voice heard on a podcast of this radio drama type? We did it we opened offices in Seattle and the Brunch voice mail is up Call 206-338-5879 Enjoy.

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We begin with the fifth installment of The Spy Who Came IN From The Cold. Lemus has been captured by the East Germans ... or has he? Then we look at the first episode of season 2 of "As Time Goes By." It's Called Book Promotion Time and is from January 18 1998. How does Lionel do with his new suit and new book and Alistair's actors? Then we look at Sherlock Holmes like we never have with "A Studdy In Scarlet." This was Conan Doyle's first HHHHolmes novel. Remember as you hear this they didn't know each other Full two hours stereo and some teasers and promos. Enjoy.

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