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There comes a time when people make mistakes. Even the Great Big Bird of Sesame Street fame or didn't you have Big Bird Sings when you were a child. Such was the case with Matt Cox last week when he unwittingly sent Fred Brideshead 3 for the final editing. Because of this and to keep the story current you're getting two episodes this week plus a Graham Green thriller from Fred. More about these in a moment but first a poll question. We open by asking you how you feel about different lengths of the show each week or two? Reason is BBC has so many 90 minute productions out we're holding back when we're not sharing. So would you mind some 90 minute plays? If so would you still mind if the other host plays an hour or would you rather see us keep to our two hour format? The neat thing about podcasts you can pause us if you need to. Please please please email us at and let us know what you think. We'll keep discussing this as the answers come in and we thank you in advance for participating. When you email let us know who you are and where you're listening. I'm loving the hits and we'd love to know more a bit more about you and your favorite BBC programs. Even if you know nothing about the BBC and are learning from us let us know. Meanwhile this week. sSorry about the latenes. And the mistake. Perhaps it was the chocolate or the champagne or the strawberries as Heather and I relaxed in the desert. But if you want to know where we were vissit and take a look. Anyway you'll get Brideshead 2 and 3 this week from March 16 and 23 2003 followed by Graham Green's Ministry of Fear. This was originally broadcast on July 7 1973 but Radio 4 made it in to a two part two hour drama. Don't forget to email us your thoughts on 90 minute plays and we look forward to it. Matt and Fred

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And so this week we begin Brideshead Revissited. It's the story of Charles Rider and his friendship with Sebastian Flight. We look back with Charles from his time as a captain in the infantry in 1944. The story really begins in 1923 with the introduction of Charles and Sebastian. Remember this was a tv show and a recent film besides a book. As you listen pay attention to the different classes. We then spin out of this world with Fred to finish Hitchhikers and return to the little world of Don Camillo. Enjoy. Btw gang I leave for the desert on Thursday so I won't get the show until I get home. These aniversaries. Only come once a year and Mrs. Cox and I need a vacation. Don't forget to email us at enjoy

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In this episode we return to Dial M For Pizza. this is pure stupid sketch comedy but as I like stupid sketch comedy and let's face it who among us doesn't love sketch comedy? Stupid sketch comedy anyone? ... Anyone ... Anyone? Okay well we move on to Slipstream part 5 entitled "Fight For The Future," and guess what gang? Slisptream is over. What serial do I debut next week? Stick arond but I won't give it away. Moving on to Fred and he gives us another episode of Hitchhikers. After that? well we revissit Jean and Lionel. It's another episode of "As Time Goes By." Loving the feedback and remember gang it doesn't matter what ep you're on you'll catch up.

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In this episde we look at Steven Blackburn another episode of Slipstream and hear Hitchhikers four. Yes Four. Part 3 is already on the podcast as we couldn't open it. Then we look at a well loved panel show slash documentary. 

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Storms storms storms in the Gulf more on the way and for some reason Hitchhikers 3 didn't wanna play. No problem. We have to keep the story current so we are doing the next best thing. Here uncut is Hitchhikers 3 no intro except the one written by your humble host. Enjoy.

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