Brunch With The Brits

This week brunch gives you a surprise like we haven't pulled in the show's five year history.  We'll start of course with Hercule Poirot and The Million Dollar Bond Robery and we'll begin the Hobbit and yes ... we'll continue Harry Lime but what could Matt have up his sleve?  If you like it send an email to and let her know she did the right thing.  Btw to email the show just email follow us on facebook and twitter at  enjoy.

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This week as the host of this show is American ... we'll begin with a Thanksgiving surprise.  AFter which we'll be listening to The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge by AGatha Christie concluding the BBC run of Harry Lime with In Pursuit of A Ghost and winding up with a full conclussion of The Cruel Sea narrated by Sir Donald Sindon.  Please enjoy and those of you here in the States happy Thanksgiving.

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This week in honor of Armistice day we begin The Cruel Sea.  By Nicholas Monserat.  BBC did it in six parts ... we're doing it in two.  We also have our weekly Hercule Poirot mystery this week it's "The Case Of The Missing Will," and we're back in Paris with Harry Lime from Nov 9 of 1951 the title this time art is Long but Lime is Fleeting.  Enjoy.  To email the swhow please do so at follow us at facebook and on twitter at  enjoy.

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Yes this week we finish our Halloween fun.  Hercule Poirot has a ghost story of his own in The Tragedy at Marsden Manor and HarryLime is down in Mexico for a Mexican Hat tTrick from Nov 2 1951.  We then finish The Hound of The Baskervilles.  Just who is for and against Sir Henry ocupying Baskerville Hall?  Only Doctor JWatson and Sherlock Holmes know the answer.  Plus a look at nexgt week's show.  For those of you who are new to Brunch in honor of those who served I like to play a British war drama in November.  Enjoy.  Email the sho at follow us on twitter at and join a lively discussion group on facebook.  Enjoy.

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