Brunch With The Brits
This week we'll play Robert Graves I Claudius plus we'll learn what happens when Mr. Phillips takes control of Troutbridge.  And just who are the English?
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King Arthur!  Who was he?  Okay I have to admit as I write this intro I still se Mad Mad Mad Madam Mimm somewhere in my shade of mind.  But we're in our new studio and we'll begin this week by meeting King Arthur ... really then we'll see how Johnson does with his new diet in Navy Lark.  The pannel is back for musical mayhem and David Tennant starrs as Caligula.  Enjoy.
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I want to begin by saying that Sherlock Holmes will be back this is just the last in the current series.  So please enjoy "The Copper Beeches."  We'll also play a round of My Music see what happens when Pertwee gets posted.  In This Sceptred Isle we'll begin studdying the Dark AGes.  Please Enjoy.
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