Brunch With The Brits

In this episode we begin with "Churchill's Bodyguard and the second episode "Lawrence and Walter Save The Day." It's Churchill's first Middle East conference as colonial secretary and you'll see that in 88 years not much has changed. WE then move on to the Castle and learn about Sir Walter DeIsney. Plus onter pop culture references and end up at 221b Baker where Holmes and Watson bring down "The Redheaded League. Enjoy

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This episode gets direct credit from Fred Bertelsen. As all these shows we'll be hearing for the next few weeks were proams he originally wanted to play. First we'll learn about Walter Thompson Winston Churchill's bodyguard. Although a tv program it's well narrated and I think you'll enjoy learning about this fascinating man. Then we'll revissit The Castle. Sir William throws a party to try to woo Anne and a certain swearing chef is involved. Then we begin "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes," with "Scandal in Bohemia." Special thanks to the Disney Indiana crew for help here. For more on their great podcast please go to enjoy.

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This week on Brunch we begin with the play "The Airman who Would Not Die." It's an adaptation from the book by John Fuller and tells the story of the eight men who died when Britain's airship candidate the R1 crashed in 1930. It delves in to mediums and seyances and I think you will enjoy it. AFter that we laugh as we learn about song parodies. Don't forget next week we begin looking at Sherlock HOlmes again and we look at Winston Churchill's bodyguard. Enjoy.

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