Brunch With The Brits

In this episode we listen to Sherlock Holmes and continue our adventures with Doctor Who in Tombstone plus hear more about Woody Guthrie with some great music ... but wait there's a surprise. Enjoy

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I record one episode a week and I can truly say this was the most fun as we debut our first and hopefully not last pannel. For starters we'll listen to "The Gunfighters," and see what's happening with the Doctor Steven and Dodo as they make their ways through Tombstone. From there we're continuing our look at the States through the music of Woody Guthrie. It's a look at Woody's early life and is hosted by Billy Bragg. Finally we have .... the pannel. Yes a full fledged discussion with some laughter songs and the Mortis too. We actually have Liana Kilgore from Extinct Attractions or Scott and Tracy from Disney Indiana at and last but not least our movie guru the Mortis at or Mortis Studios East. other then the fact that my microphone was away from my face for oh about five minutes not bad for a first pannel and I look forward to more. Remember to email us at and call us at 206-338-5879

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The Joy Luck Club ... will probably be the closest to a ... and I use the word with true affection "chick flick," Brunch'll ever get. Yet it is American and I do hope you enjoy it. We also begin "The Gunfighters," our first Doctor Who adventure and listen to the music of Woody Guthrie through our host Billy Bragg. Enjoy this week's episode.

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In this episode we look at our second Fourth Of July extravaganza with programs with a truly American theme. Well some of them at any rate. We start by finishing Peter Pan. And if Disney's is the only one you're familiar with you're in for a treat with the rreal thing. Then we conclude the first season of The Navy Lark and end with a walk down L.A.'s mean streets and yes friends this was recorded in England with Philip Marlowe and the Raymond cChandler classic "The High Window." Also check out the blooper at the end and just what does Doctor Who have to do with our state of the states festivities? Our pannel is coming soon so stay tuned.

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