Brunch With The Brits

This week on Brunch Harry Lime is in Austria as he joins the circus.  From April 25 of 1952.  Meanwhile we'll get to

know Turnip Townsend and more about Wallpole as George II takes the throne in Sceptred Isle.  We then listen to

Dad's Army and War Dance.  Captain Mannering decides the platoon needs a little fun for morale and Pike is engaged. 

Or is he?  And at school thegreat picnic has begun in Mike as read by John Lingard and written by PG Woodhouse. 

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This week on Brunch it's a much shorter show.  As we're at Westfest sponsored by DPN. 
1 Harry Lime this week is from April 18 of 1952 and it's The Painted Smile.  Harry's off to Scicily this trip.
2 In Sceptred Isle we learn about dirty taxes and tolls.
3 Dad's Army deals with "Brains VS Braun
4 We end with Mike read by our friend John Lingard.  What happened after the row at school?  Enjoy.

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A brief word of warning about this week's BWTB.  It has explicit moments that may not be suitable for all listeners.  It has an e label in i tunes due to a bit of language as we were at the Renaissance Fair last week and this week we present some of the Ren fair musicicians we uncovered.  We appologize in advance if we offend.  Special thanks to The Merry Wives of Windsor and the Poxy Bogarts for allowing us to use their music to give listeners a tast of a true Southern California classic.  If there are Ren fairs in your part of the world or country not only do we strongly suggest you attend if it's up your alley we'd like to hear about them.  There is a show this week as well and we start as always with The lives of Harry Lime from April 11 of 1952.  Harry travels all over Europe and Havannah to uncover a mysterious gentleman's past.  The episode is entitled Man of Mystery.  Then in This Sceptred Isle we'll leawrn about the real seventeenth century aka what life was like for the real common English.  We'll move on to Dad's army and listen to A Soldier's Farewell.  Mannering takes what Charles Boyier says seriously about Napoleon.  We'll conclude with Mike Chapter 8 read by our friend across the pond John Lingard.  A row happens and while Mike is not involved ... he knows about it.  Enjoy.
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This week on Brunch a big announcement from the host ... Harry Lime is taking a week off.  well you've heard the episode already as we played it back in December.  So we'll start with
1 This Sceptred Isle and learn about Robert Wallpole England's first Prime Minister.
2 Dad's Army will deal with a Brush With The Law from March 31 of 1975.
3 As we continue with The Return Of Sherlock Holmes we'll meet Charles AGustus Milverton from March 24 of 1994.  Peter Vaughn starrs along with Clive Marison and Michael Williams.
and finally
John LIngard returns with Mike Chapter 7 in which Mike is discussed.  Enjoy.
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