Brunch With The Brits (radio drama)

This week we heaad for Vegas but not before we listen to a Hancock's Half Hour that deals with england's 1955 rail strike.  A great sound bite from a news reel about the rail strike and we'll also hear from Ana Massey about the new Prime Minister.  Enjoy.  Remember to join us on facebook and at

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Plus learn where Matt's been these last three weeks.  Enjoy.  Many thanks to John Lingard for heading our way to @nmx for giving us such a good time and enjoy this JForsyte episode.

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Not wishing to give to much away we'll start with Hercule Poirot again in a tale in which Poirot rescues the English Prime minister.  Then it's off to Paris again with Harry Lime in Every Frame Has a Silver Lining.  Finally Part 1 of a truly awesome Halloween story.  Enjoy.  Email the show at thanks

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