Brunch With The Brits

This week we conclude Have His Caarcas.  We also have Navy Lark learn about Julius Cesar as only the prunes know how and enjoy part 3 of Foundation.

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This week we continue Foundation and conclude Have His Carcass.  We also find out why Troutbridge is not going to the Med.  A historical look at Julius is included as only the prunes know how.

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This week besides continuing our Whimsay story we're beginning to rerun Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy in better sound.  It was a request so often made I promised to do it as soon as possible.  Sadly we say goodbye to the lads in Tratvia for the first series but we also have an Agatha Sotheby thriller and get a little closer to our murderer.  Enjoy

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This weekend something happened that really angered Matt Cox.  You'll hear all about it after we've listened to I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again from April 18 1966 and it will replace our usual documentary.  Whether you agree or disagree with Mr. Cox we hope that you'll at least lend him your ear.  Matt has applied to speak on podcasting with a disability at this summer's podcast movement convention in Anaheim.  Whether he gets it or not remains to be seen but we hope to see you this summer in August at the Anaheim Marriott.  Please don't worry we get to feeling better with Embassy Lark from May 31 of 1966 and we learn of a Dutiful Son in Have His Carcass.  Please enjoy.

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This week Matt Cox and John Lingard do what they do best ... talk.  About Brexit, the improbable rise of the Lincoln football club and a host of British radio and telivission.  Also you'll hear part 2 of Have His Carcas enjoy an Embassy Party and finish This Sceptred Isle.  Yes ... finish it.  Enjoy.

When Zeek the Dog asks for stuff it gets done.  When I married PDM I asked my best friend of 37 years to stand with me as mmy best man.  He said yes on one condition.  That we continue whaat FFred Bertelsen started and continue the Lord Peter Whimsay cannon here on Brunch.  Yes Eric Troup asked for his Lordship practically implored so ... like any good firend I've complied.  Enjoy Have His Carcass Eric the next few weeks are for you.

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We'll also as what became of an old Radio Netherlands presenter from bygone days and listen to two Embassy Larks plus the story of Ali BABa enjoy.

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This week on Brunch With The Brits it's part 2 of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but first we'll learn about Queen Victoria's sixtieth year in office, and begin unraveling the plot of Moris Prune while we listen to a parody of Moll Flanders.  Simon Russel Beal again plays Smiley.  Enjoy.

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This week I was delayed somewhat by a huge ice storm.  If Jane my boss hears this and I hope she does it was a real pleasure to help out and I'm glad I could.  However as you'll hear in the beginning this led to a complete rebuild of what was supposed to be an exciting show talking about Brexit how the US elections were seen in Britain and Lincoln City's amazing third round win in the FA cup.  Instead well havea listen and see how the host comes through  Producer Director Maria always says you can make a good meaal with summer sausage, chese, crackers and fruit and I believe qwe've done just that to share the shows would ruin the surprise.  John has been contacted and he'll be joinus us soon.  Enjoy

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We'll also end Journey In To Space for the time being.  Hope all  of you hd nice holidays.  Enjoy.

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