Brunch With The Brits

All will be investigated this week on Brunch plus Radioactive, and Embassy Lark.  Enjoy

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This week more from Journey In To Space Radioactive Embassy Lark Sceptred Isle and Daunt and Dervish.  Enjoy

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As Julie Anne promised we continue Journey In To Space we also listen to the original pilot episode of Radioactive we begin larking with a British embassy in a mythical central European country and we revisit Daunt And Dervish.  Enjoy

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We've promised for years we'd start this and thanks to Julie Anne Watson we have.  She's going to present the first four episodes of Operation Luna from her studios in Western Australia and I promise when I return on 400 I'll continue the story.  Thank you so much Julie Anne for your contributiion while I'm away you help make the bwtb team what it is.  I'd also like to mention that this is Julie Anne's first full show with us and we've welcomed her contributions in the past.  A knowledgeable otr resource for British and Australian shows it's a pleasure to have her with us this week.  So join me in welcoming Julie Anne to our team.

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If you are an old time radio fan as I am then the Gassman brothers really need no introduction.  However if you're new to their voices then a small intro may be needed.  They've hosted an old time radio show on public radio here in Southern California since 1982 called Same Time Same Station and while it's on line now here on or at their knowledge of otr is truly insightful and wonderful.  Well this week we're discussing British personalities who moved to America and we'll hear a Bob Hope show featuring Barel Davis as its singer we'll hear the blitz of London as CBS news covered it we'll listen to some Al Boly music and hear about an English magazine dedicated to to the British dance band sounds of the twenties and thirties and we'll conclude with The Campbellwell Poisoner fromm The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Yes it's different but I can already tell you they will be asked back.  You see this is a subject we can continue as we move in to the 400s.  So thanks John and Larry you could have said no with a barbershop harmony convention coming up.  We apreciate it greatly.  Enjoy

This week from stately Lingard Towers we're treated to more then a few treats but beware behind the treats there are a few tricks as well.  In keeping with the season we'll listen to a Wilkie Collins dramatization of The Haunted Hotel but we'll have time to laugh with Radioactive who said people from Oxford weren't funny hear a reading from Lincoln City Radio of Philip K Dick's The I's have it and conclude with a radio play entitled Bah Bah Black Sheep which in my opinion is good enough for BBC you be the judge.  Either way you feel John needs to be thanked for his hard work allowing me to step away for a bit.  Thank you John

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This week it's Stephen King's Misery a Dirk Mags play done for World Service.  While we have no broadcast daate it's a great work and makes us want to play more World Service in the future.  This is also my last show until after the wedding so we'll also get in some Sceptred Isle in which Victoria becomes Empress of India.  Enjoy

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We conclude the Secret Of Chimneys today and who knows more Christy may be on the way ... on the main show.

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A gunshot and Cade is innocent.  What is going on At Chimneys?  Enjoy the second episode of a Christy Thriller a little dated but fun none the less

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This is one of my absolutely favorite BBC actors.  You'll all remember mr. Livingstone as Weller in the Pickwick Papers and here he plays an older coal miner going back to his village where he served during WWiI yes I'm a sentimentalist I admit.  We also conclude Hancock and have a history lesson thrown in as well.  Enjoy and sorry for the tardiness this week.  Wedding stuff you know ... wink

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