Brunch With The Brits

I'd like to begin by wishing all of you the most wonderful holiday season imaginable.  As Maria and I begin our first Christmas well our first joint Christmas we present a documentary on the Hebejeebees we learn about Queen Victoria's jubilee try and figure out why Lady Daaphne is caught up in a Tratvian bus strike wonder if rocket ship Luna will ever return to Eaarth 1965 and finally well give you a real Christmas ghost story.  God bless us every one.

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I have to be honest in writing that this has got to be my favorite BBC light play that has to do with the warmth of the holidays.  Here's hoping your holidays are warm as we also continue Journey In to Space we're almost done with the first series we conclude Radio Active the first series we're off to London with Sir Jeremy Crighton Buller and we learn about Lord Salisbury in Sceptred Isle.  Plenty to keep you entertained and please enjoy it.  Thanks as always for the privelidge of your time. 

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That is the title of our Daunt and Dervish case and it marks the end of our Daunt and Dervish series for this time.  We have a complete Embassy Lark for you listen to our old friends from a certain naval frigate.  Also we continue our Journey In To Space study news with the Radioactive team and we learn about General Gordon and Kartoum.  Enjoy it's a good long program Lord Rudy.

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Special thanks to John Lingard it's not complete but we'll take it.

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