Brunch With The Brits

For our final episode of twenty twelve we begin with Lime.  Yes extra lime.  We listen to The Secret Of Making Gold before we delve in to a fresh season of My Music.  We go back to December 28 1969 and yes the pannel are in good voice this week.  We then go back to Harry for his official episode two is Company from December 28 of 1951 and we conclude with The Hobbit Part 6 from 1968 A Warm Welcome.  Enjoy. 

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There's lots of holiday cheer in this festive episode.  After we get through the obligatory Harry Lime we will listen to Dad's Army's Christmas special from 1974.  Then Matt Cox and JOhn Lingard sit down for thier annual chat.  However it didn't quite go as expected.  The chat was salvaged however.  We'll continue with the Hobbit and conclude with allen Maitland's The Shepherd.  Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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We continue with The Hobbit hey the film comes out this week here in the States.  But we also have our latest installment of Hancock in which Tony decides he needs a new car and we have a double shot of lime for you starting with "The Barbary Queen," and ending with "An Old Moorish Custom."  Enjoy.

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We screwd our title up last time and we admit it so no heckling from the peanut gallery.  Thanks.  Okay we do have Hancock this week he's taking boxing lessons due to a weight problem, we finish Poirot to the relief of some of you and the sadness of your host ... and others Harry Lime has one of the most action packed episodes this week in The Third wWoman and ... it's Gollum time precioussssss.  Enjoy 

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Here we meet Gollum for the first time but not before we've had some commedy.  My thanks for your patience as we've had a bit of delay.  And be advised 239 will be up by Saturday.  We sgtart with Poirot and The Adventure Of The Cheap Flat.  We then move to Hancock's Half Hour and The Idol.  What happens when the lad's head gets to big?  Then we'll listen to Harry Lime and the episode Three Farthings for Your Thoughts.  Finally we conclude with The Hobbit Out of the Frying Pan and in to The Fire.  The adventure begins but trouble starts before Bilbo knows what has happpened.  Enjoy.  Email the show at find us on facebook and twitter as well.

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