Brunch With The Brits
I thought after we finish Sherlock HOlmes we'd continue learning about the lives of the Caesars after all Sparticus is being redone ... well anyway a listener suggested I rerun the first three so Eric for you we'll start with "The Meeting at Formei with Anton Lessing as Cicero.  We'll then move in to "This Sceptred Isle," in which we'll learn about Roman life in Britain.  And get in to the beginning of The DarkAges.  Those who want to learn more about the Dark Ages may I suggest a series of lectures from The Teaching Company about the early Middle Ages presented by Dr. Phillip Dileeder Chair of the History dDepartment at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg Virginia.  More at ofr there's always google.  With the Navy Lark we'll listen to "The lighthouse Lark," and with the rain we're having in California I think you'll enjoy it.  We'll hear an episode of My Music and end with Sherlock Holmes solving The Barrel Coronegt.  Please enjoy this exgtended Brunch.
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This week I give the answer to the theme question.  We also find out about seventeen years of Roman ocupation and Budica's bloody revolt.  Then we learn about a crisp romance with our Naval friends.  On My Music you'll hear exerpts from The pPlanets and sing some musical show tunes.  We'll end with Sherlock Holmes.  A young society bride winds up missing and her weddin dress winds up in the Serpentine.  Please enjoy.
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This episode tells us what happens when Claudius vissits Britain.  We'll then revissit old friends Jean and LIonel.  After that we'll play another round of My Music and pay close attention for a clue on the Brunch theme.  We'll also talk about Dennis Norden and Frank Muir.  We end with "The Engineer's Thumb," by Sir ARthur Conan Doyle.
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This week we ask where you brunch.  But as far as programs are concerned we find out about the first British invassion have an episode of the Navy Lark in which we hope Mr. Phillips can make it past Tower Bridge listen to The William Tell overture with the My music pannel highlight Ian Wallace and no it's not the Yes drummer and we end with Holmes and Watson solving the Speckled BAnd.  Enjoy.
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This episode begins what I hope will become a favorite series for us as we'll begin learning about English history.  We're starting "This Sceptred Isle," with an episode entitled "Land of The Druids."  Then we'll cross over to our favorite naval draft and find out what happens when the unit comfort fund gets revissited.  We then pause to play a round ... the first ever round of "My Music," and end with Sherlock Holmes and "The Blue Carbuncle."  Happy New Year and enjoy.
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