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This week we begin a tribute to one of this host's favorite heroes of all time.  Many of you will remember Roger Moore in the iconic role.  Over the next few weeks we'll hear simon on the BBC we'll discuss in great detail as bestt we can Simon in literature with fellow Saint faan Eric Troup.  We'll also look at the Saint in American radio with John and Larry Gassman but we staart with The Saint Overboard with Paul Reese in the iconic role.  We also wind up I'm sorry I'll reaad that Again with a tribute to Jack and The Beanstalk learn about music in society and are completely abandoned with HMS Troutbridge.  Please enjoy these next few weeks and if you've read Saint literature and know someone who has let me know so I can discuss it with you too.  

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This week we've returned after a long absence most of which is explained.  We conclude the Nine Tailors plus give you some Navy Lark and leaarn about the french composer Ramo in The History Of Music.  Pleaase enjoy as we promise to try to be more timely?

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For Starters it's great hearing Ian Wright on Fox but in case you've been under a riock the World Cup is going on and that's why I've been absent.  We do have a full program though so please enjoy.

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They signed documents ... I produced a podcast and I'm not gonna lie it's really butifull you're going to love it.  We've got Peter Whimsay ... Eric Troup loves that guy prunes?  I try and get my North Koreaan friend to enjoy prunes but we've got a long way to go.  Also there's Navy Lark and we learn about St Matthew's passion and no it's not Manchester United.  Enjoy.

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You know we're about to hit 450 but let's enjoy 449 first.  We'll start with the prunes in which we'll finally get to the dungeons of the cruel Caliph then it's a bit about Bach in Leipzig with a little fun thrown in at Bach's expense and at the expense of a few birds who probably should be on a lady's hat but due to their on going gig tthat's lasted oh 55 years well ... back to brunch.  We help a ddistressed seaaman fishing in Daanish waters just wait until you find out who the seaman is and if that weren't enough Lord Whimsay is off to France.  Have a great week.  Email the show at and join the lively group on facebook.

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Yes Troutbridge is back plus we'llalso have more from the nine tailors and hear Matt's chat about the FA cup and how and why he missed the one and only goal.  Enjoy. 

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This week we celebrate our host's 45th with a plethra of stuff.  We'll conclude the Embassy Lark, continue with more of the Flying Wombat learn about the music of the Puritans and hear all about Earthsearch's creation.  Oh and Peter is called out.  Enjoy.

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This week Lord Peter returns along with a flooded british embassy, and we learn about PG Woodhouse's never discussed Broadway careerLord

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The host really does apologize for not being at the dpn West Fest this year but all is explained in the beginning.  Plus we have a show.  Not as full because we truly thought we would be at Westfest this year.  However if you missed us at Westfest and we do know several of you did we invite you and encourage you to attend this summer's Friends Of The Magic Meet a gathering of food friends and fun at the Disneyland resort this August.  For more details go to meanwhile this week we continue the Curse Of The Flying Wombat we learn about music in the Court of the sun King and hear about Tratvian power cuts.

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This week we have a shorter show due to the end of the Norman Way and with yours truly just getting home and with yours truly and his producer needing a bit of recovery time well to put it honestly I haven't had a chance to program hunt.  However Earseaarch ends this week we hear all about the new French Ambasaador in the Embassy Lark and we hear John Otto Klese say I'm Sorry I'll Reaad That Again ... again.  Enjoy

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To true Brunch listeners John Lingard needs no introduction.  However if your new to the show or you like reaading things about other people we're goiong to give John Lingard an introductin anyway.  In 2009 during one of Matt's many ramblings as usual Matt got something wrong.  A Listener emailed the show to kindly correct Matt on his infality and what do you know?  A friendship struck.  John began appearing annually to discuss the state of Britain every year around the holidays and in 2015 actually flew to America to accompany Matt and Maria to their first NAB convention in Las Vegas.  While Nab has invited them all back they've also increased their prices.  In 2016 John did two wonderful things for the show.  First he co hosted an episode while Matt and Maria were on their honeymoon but he also flew back to America to take part in the long planned wedding of Matt and Maria.  Now it's their turn to fly to England to vissit him.  Oncce Texas is over it's on the trip agenda.  John has kept us pretty current with our shows so Making Of Music the prunes and yes even Earthsearch is back but ... knowing John there may be a few Easter eggs hiding in Brunch Studio UK.  We hope you enjoy and we'll see you next week with full reports from Texas.  Questions or comments for John should go to and we'll make sure he gets them.

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This week we conclude the Norman Way.  We'll also be learning about music in Venice in the sixteenth century and laughing with our usual prune crew.  We will round out the week with the eighth episode of Earthsearch II.  Enjoy

The title says it all as the host has new mike equipment.  However in the words of the great Jim Keltner ladies and gentlemen we have a show to do and boy do we?  We continue the Curse of the Flying Wombat.  We also learn about music in the counter Reformation.  We then continue to learn about the Normans.  What changed after Hastings if anything?  Btw not as much French as you think.  Then it's on to Tratvia for a marital spat between Sir Jeremy and Daphne then we conclude with Earsearch 2 enjoy.

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This week we begin the next series of I'm Sorry I'll Reaad That AGain Hey you get to hear John Otto Klese sing a Farrit song and see the beginnings of Python we then move on to the Reformation where we learn Luther loved music.  From there we begin a new documentary The Norman Way then it's back to Tratvia where we meet an industrious oil merchant with an English rig off the Tratvian coast.  We then end with Earthsearch and that hapless Challenger crew fighting a black hole.

This week we conclude the Mausoleum Club continnue Eaarsearch and enjoy some paramouric adventures between the british first secretary in Tratvia and the Russian first secretry in Tratvia.

This week we again start with the Mausoleum Club.  Will Mr. Green at last be admitted?  We then turn to our music documentary and hear about music in Burgundy.  Then it's off to Tratvia where we find that Sir Jeremy's embassy rolls has a reaal traffic problem.  We end with Earseaarch 2 Elka and Brand are grown but how do they treaat their parents?  Enjoy

This week on Brunch we deal with children.  Bratty spoiled children.  Throw in an Ambassador whom we'll wonder if his birthday gets recognized and some troubadorial music and you've got a good show.  Sorry for the lateness.

This week we're off in to the dank world of London oh around the 1890s or there abouts as we hear the story of A Study in Starlets.  We then move in to our history of music and leaarn about the music of the notre Dame Cathedral in the middle Ages.  Then in Tratvia we learn about how economic hardship is hitting the British Embassy and we conclude with the second episode off Earthsearch 2 enjoy.

This week Matt describes a tea crisis and why he's switching almost full time to tea.  But we also have tons of shows starting with Mausoleum Club and Sunny Skegness yes John this is for you Sir also it's wine pressing time in Tratvia and we begin our music documentary with music's origins.  Enjoy.

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This week we start with a vissit to the Mausoleum Club where we hear the story of The Inaudible Man.  We then go back to Tratvia and revissit the hard working crew of the British Embassy there as Sir Jeremy is about to be crowned a gnit.  After that it's a preview to a documentary starting next week followed by The mMurder Of Roger Akroyd.  Please enjoy. 

I have to admit the John Lingard interview was recorded in December and was meant to be aired in December.  YOu should know why it wasn't if you've been listenening if you haven't well go back to432 because there you'll also find part 1 of Cider With Rosie please enjoy for questions email myself at or John himself at also a huge heart felt apology to my ausie listteners.  You deserve the Ashes.  be

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I don't mind saying as I open this week I miss you in fact if you want a full story of what's going on listen to the first twenty minutes if not hey the shows start twenty minutes in.  We get to learn a bit about jimi Hendrix and Lory Lee this week so enjoy

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This episode is due in large part to German professor Margaret Dorsch of bethany College and her persistance that her German 1 class attend her Thursdaay night foreign film club during the autumn of 1991.  I have no ideaa where the Frau is these days but I hope she finds this and is doing well.  For if it weren't for her and John Paulsen's exhustive work on subtitles I would never have found Colnel Redl so interesting as to one day present a drama on the same subject this one thankfully in English.  Work projects are slowing down so more brunch to come.

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This week we replay Lady of The Lake by Raymond Chandler in honor of our recent trip to Lake Arrowhead.  Enjoy

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We've returned after to long a break this time to complete Nightfall.  As it's been so long we've just given you the entire drama.  Please enjoy this almost three hour podcast.  Thanks for being so understanding.

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So it's been a while I know.  This episode was recorded in July ... yes Julybut with some interesting work set backs and a medical setback on the part of the host I'll explain all next episode this took a while to publish.  Just a heads up we're headed for vacation in a couple weeks for some much needed rest.  But you aren't interested in that so let's talk about the show.  We start with the Embassy Lark and another of King Hildebrand's skemes then it's time for the Ovaltine League a program so fresh that while it's not BBC it's worth a listen.  We end by beginning Nightfall a Batman comic book BBC dramatized back in the eighties.  Enjoy.

This week we begin the second series of the Embassy Lark from January 17 of 1967.  We end with Smiley's People and a big preview for next week.  Also huge congrats go to Julie Anne brunch co host for getting asked a question and more importantly saying yes.  Enjoy

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Our goodbye will be brief as next week we're off to Tratvia for the second series.  If you're wondering if it's a late night in June and Matty's publishing some shows that have literally been waiting the answer is you're right.  Please enjoy.

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Why is Commander Povy getting rid of Pertwy?  Also listen to the next George Smiley drama.  Enjoy

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This week the host looks at you the listener and asks who you are you won't believe what PDM has found out

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_matt_cox_42420Who20Are20You.mp3
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As much as I hate to admit it the shorter format works we continue The Honorary schoolboy and we run in to some British embassy workers from jTratvia.  Enjoy

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_423_matt_cox20Not20so20long20An20Absence.mp3
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This week we begin The Honourable Schoolboy and in the Navy Lark we marvel at Mr. Philip's promotion.  Also listener Duncan gets his email replied to ... sort of but what a wonderful email.  #pm17fun

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This was recorded long before I had a chance to publish.  We conclude Foundation and Whimsay plus an hour of Navy Lark? Why?  Because.

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This week PDM and I are off to Westfest the place I learned seven years ago that my heart was stolen.  Please enjoy this episode and learn what dietary change I'm making.  Any tips from you will help.  Thanks

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This week it's more of what you know and love plus congratulations to Lincoln City and why I enjoy Lancashire cricket.

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This week we explain the video you may or may not have seen.  Plus we'll put pm17 to bed before it even arrives in Anaheim this summer.  The best part is we've got our shows including Eric Troup's favorite detective.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_matt_cox_41820Putting20PM201720To20Bed.mp3
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So this week we began something Matt thought we'd never do.  A go fund me account.  He was questioning it at time of recording but with podcast movement so close and with he and PDM knowing they couldn't afford it themselves well he's decided to try and raise the money.  If you're interested in helping go to and search for Matt Cox or podcast movement registration fees.  PDM will put the link in facebook later this week.  Now that we have that advertisement out of the way we got more Foundation we'll start more Peter Whimsay yes Zeek has pull around here or is the correct word tug?  Then it's Navy Lark and we continue Foundation.  Please enjoy. 

This week we conclude Have His Caarcas.  We also have Navy Lark learn about Julius Cesar as only the prunes know how and enjoy part 3 of Foundation.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_416_matt_cox_Yet20Again20Foundaation.mp3
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This week we continue Foundation and conclude Have His Carcass.  We also find out why Troutbridge is not going to the Med.  A historical look at Julius is included as only the prunes know how.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_matt_cox_415_More_Foundation.mp3
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This week besides continuing our Whimsay story we're beginning to rerun Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy in better sound.  It was a request so often made I promised to do it as soon as possible.  Sadly we say goodbye to the lads in Tratvia for the first series but we also have an Agatha Sotheby thriller and get a little closer to our murderer.  Enjoy

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_41420matt20cox20back20to20foundation.mp3
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This weekend something happened that really angered Matt Cox.  You'll hear all about it after we've listened to I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again from April 18 1966 and it will replace our usual documentary.  Whether you agree or disagree with Mr. Cox we hope that you'll at least lend him your ear.  Matt has applied to speak on podcasting with a disability at this summer's podcast movement convention in Anaheim.  Whether he gets it or not remains to be seen but we hope to see you this summer in August at the Anaheim Marriott.  Please don't worry we get to feeling better with Embassy Lark from May 31 of 1966 and we learn of a Dutiful Son in Have His Carcass.  Please enjoy.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_413_matt_cox_Matt_cox_Rants_On_Brexit.mp3
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This week Matt Cox and John Lingard do what they do best ... talk.  About Brexit, the improbable rise of the Lincoln football club and a host of British radio and telivission.  Also you'll hear part 2 of Have His Carcas enjoy an Embassy Party and finish This Sceptred Isle.  Yes ... finish it.  Enjoy.

When Zeek the Dog asks for stuff it gets done.  When I married PDM I asked my best friend of 37 years to stand with me as mmy best man.  He said yes on one condition.  That we continue whaat FFred Bertelsen started and continue the Lord Peter Whimsay cannon here on Brunch.  Yes Eric Troup asked for his Lordship practically implored so ... like any good firend I've complied.  Enjoy Have His Carcass Eric the next few weeks are for you.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_411_matt_cox_Eric_Troups_Favourite_Detective.mp3
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We'll also as what became of an old Radio Netherlands presenter from bygone days and listen to two Embassy Larks plus the story of Ali BABa enjoy.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_410_matt_cox_Tinker_Tailor_Solder_Spy_3.mp3
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This week on Brunch With The Brits it's part 2 of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but first we'll learn about Queen Victoria's sixtieth year in office, and begin unraveling the plot of Moris Prune while we listen to a parody of Moll Flanders.  Simon Russel Beal again plays Smiley.  Enjoy.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_409_Tinker_Tailor_Soldier_Spy_2.mp3
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This week I was delayed somewhat by a huge ice storm.  If Jane my boss hears this and I hope she does it was a real pleasure to help out and I'm glad I could.  However as you'll hear in the beginning this led to a complete rebuild of what was supposed to be an exciting show talking about Brexit how the US elections were seen in Britain and Lincoln City's amazing third round win in the FA cup.  Instead well havea listen and see how the host comes through  Producer Director Maria always says you can make a good meaal with summer sausage, chese, crackers and fruit and I believe qwe've done just that to share the shows would ruin the surprise.  John has been contacted and he'll be joinus us soon.  Enjoy

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_408_matt_cox_Late_Show.mp3
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We'll also end Journey In To Space for the time being.  Hope all  of you hd nice holidays.  Enjoy.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_407_matt_cox20The20Pledge.mp3
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We'll also end Journey In To Space for the time being.  Hope all  of you hd nice holidays.  Enjoy.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_407_matt_cox20The20Pledge.mp3
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We'll also end Journey In To Space for the time being.  Hope all  of you hd nice holidays.  Enjoy.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_407_matt_cox20The20Pledge.mp3
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I'd like to begin by wishing all of you the most wonderful holiday season imaginable.  As Maria and I begin our first Christmas well our first joint Christmas we present a documentary on the Hebejeebees we learn about Queen Victoria's jubilee try and figure out why Lady Daaphne is caught up in a Tratvian bus strike wonder if rocket ship Luna will ever return to Eaarth 1965 and finally well give you a real Christmas ghost story.  God bless us every one.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_matt_cox_40620A20Christmas20Carol.mp3
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I have to be honest in writing that this has got to be my favorite BBC light play that has to do with the warmth of the holidays.  Here's hoping your holidays are warm as we also continue Journey In to Space we're almost done with the first series we conclude Radio Active the first series we're off to London with Sir Jeremy Crighton Buller and we learn about Lord Salisbury in Sceptred Isle.  Plenty to keep you entertained and please enjoy it.  Thanks as always for the privelidge of your time. 

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_matt_cox_40520After20Supper20Ghost20Stories.mp3
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That is the title of our Daunt and Dervish case and it marks the end of our Daunt and Dervish series for this time.  We have a complete Embassy Lark for you listen to our old friends from a certain naval frigate.  Also we continue our Journey In To Space study news with the Radioactive team and we learn about General Gordon and Kartoum.  Enjoy it's a good long program Lord Rudy.

Direct download: bwtb_404_matt_cox.mp3
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Special thanks to John Lingard it's not complete but we'll take it.

Direct download: 403a.mp3
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Sorry to say the episode of Embassy Lark is unplayable so it's on its way to stately Lingard Towers for a look.  Once it gets to Lincolnshire we'll have more of an ide as to whether the Princess can be salvaged.  Meantime we have Operation Luna Sceptred Isle more from the team at Radioactive and an awesome Daunt and Dervish which should have you on your seat the entire episode.  Please enjoy.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_403_matt_cox20Games20Of20Chance.mp3
Category:BBC -- posted at: 8:30pm PDT

All will be investigated this week on Brunch plus Radioactive, and Embassy Lark.  Enjoy

Direct download: brunch_qwith_the_brits_matt_cox_402.mp3
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This week more from Journey In To Space Radioactive Embassy Lark Sceptred Isle and Daunt and Dervish.  Enjoy

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_11_13_2016_matt_matt_cox.mp3
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As Julie Anne promised we continue Journey In To Space we also listen to the original pilot episode of Radioactive we begin larking with a British embassy in a mythical central European country and we revisit Daunt And Dervish.  Enjoy

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_400_matt_cox.mp3
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We've promised for years we'd start this and thanks to Julie Anne Watson we have.  She's going to present the first four episodes of Operation Luna from her studios in Western Australia and I promise when I return on 400 I'll continue the story.  Thank you so much Julie Anne for your contributiion while I'm away you help make the bwtb team what it is.  I'd also like to mention that this is Julie Anne's first full show with us and we've welcomed her contributions in the past.  A knowledgeable otr resource for British and Australian shows it's a pleasure to have her with us this week.  So join me in welcoming Julie Anne to our team.

Direct download: 39920brunch20down20under20jis.mp3
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If you are an old time radio fan as I am then the Gassman brothers really need no introduction.  However if you're new to their voices then a small intro may be needed.  They've hosted an old time radio show on public radio here in Southern California since 1982 called Same Time Same Station and while it's on line now here on or at their knowledge of otr is truly insightful and wonderful.  Well this week we're discussing British personalities who moved to America and we'll hear a Bob Hope show featuring Barel Davis as its singer we'll hear the blitz of London as CBS news covered it we'll listen to some Al Boly music and hear about an English magazine dedicated to to the British dance band sounds of the twenties and thirties and we'll conclude with The Campbellwell Poisoner fromm The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Yes it's different but I can already tell you they will be asked back.  You see this is a subject we can continue as we move in to the 400s.  So thanks John and Larry you could have said no with a barbershop harmony convention coming up.  We apreciate it greatly.  Enjoy

This week from stately Lingard Towers we're treated to more then a few treats but beware behind the treats there are a few tricks as well.  In keeping with the season we'll listen to a Wilkie Collins dramatization of The Haunted Hotel but we'll have time to laugh with Radioactive who said people from Oxford weren't funny hear a reading from Lincoln City Radio of Philip K Dick's The I's have it and conclude with a radio play entitled Bah Bah Black Sheep which in my opinion is good enough for BBC you be the judge.  Either way you feel John needs to be thanked for his hard work allowing me to step away for a bit.  Thank you John

Direct download: 39720john20lingard.mp3
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This week it's Stephen King's Misery a Dirk Mags play done for World Service.  While we have no broadcast daate it's a great work and makes us want to play more World Service in the future.  This is also my last show until after the wedding so we'll also get in some Sceptred Isle in which Victoria becomes Empress of India.  Enjoy

Direct download: 396.mp3
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We conclude the Secret Of Chimneys today and who knows more Christy may be on the way ... on the main show.

Direct download: chimneys203.mp3
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A gunshot and Cade is innocent.  What is going on At Chimneys?  Enjoy the second episode of a Christy Thriller a little dated but fun none the less

Direct download: chimneys202.mp3
Category:books -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

This is one of my absolutely favorite BBC actors.  You'll all remember mr. Livingstone as Weller in the Pickwick Papers and here he plays an older coal miner going back to his village where he served during WWiI yes I'm a sentimentalist I admit.  We also conclude Hancock and have a history lesson thrown in as well.  Enjoy and sorry for the tardiness this week.  Wedding stuff you know ... wink

Direct download: 395.mp3
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This is one of my absolutely favorite BBC actors.  You'll all remember mr. Livingstone as Weller in the Pickwick Papers and here he plays an older coal miner going back to his village where he served during WWiI yes I'm a sentimentalist I admit.  We also conclude Hancock and have a history lesson thrown in as well.  Enjoy and sorry for the tardiness this week.  Wedding stuff you know ... wink

Direct download: 395.mp3
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Join us for a three part Agatha Christy extravaganza.  Rather then present babt weeekly we're going for fewer books but a daily format.  Enjoy

Direct download: chimneys201.mp3
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We conclude Smith in the city but before that some well deserved Hancock as we talk about the lad's taking over a major newspaper and the fact that Mayor James wishes to turn the lad's home in to a dog track.  Enjoy

Direct download: 394.mp3
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So we continue Psmith In the City with the P forever being silent plus two episodes of Hancock in which we learn just how Hancock won the war.  Enjoy

Direct download: brunch20393.mp3
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This week after an hour of Hancock we'll study the death of Charles Dickens and then plunge head long in to that master of satire PG Wood House.  Enjoy

Direct download: 392.mp3
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This week we have a brief time with Hancock's Half Hour a whole seven minutes thought llost.  Then we'll learn about the Irish church and begin Smith In The City the long promised drama.  With Simon Williams as Woodhouse also Matt gives some thoughts on the I player.  Enjoy

Direct download: 391.mp3
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This week will be my last live week whilst we re instate some old episodes thanks Ashley btw if anyone has bwtb 356 please let me know as I fear it was lost in the vortex.  Enjoy

Direct download: 390.mp3
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This week we begin with two yes two Hancock episodes then learn more about Russell as Prime Minister then conclude with the penultimate Foundaation episode.

Direct download: 389.mp3
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First however two episodes of Haancock plus Sceptred Isle.  Please enjoy

Direct download: 388.mp3
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This week we start with an hour of Hancock.  This is due to the fact we raced through the ends of NSL.  Pleaase enjoy two Hancock episodes and we continue Foundatiion.

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We're going to get a bit of New Zealand history this week, plus two hundred years have passed in the galaxy.  Has the Foundaation gained a stronger foothold and avoided another Seldon crisis?  Enjoy.

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We conclude the Naïve and Sentimental Lover ... for good.  It's over and ... it's a surprise ending.  I'd like to thank John Lingard for his hard work on this project. 

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We read Chapters 35 and 36 of this little known Le Carre gem.  Thanks to John for his hard work.

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Keep in mind that my opinions are solely my own and if you wish to disagree or agree with  me in a lady or gentleman like fashion please email the show at or coment on facebook.  Otherwise please enjoy Foundation and on Sceptred Isle we learn about life for Victoria after Albert so you see friends Britain really can mourn.

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Thanks to John for his quick editing on this fine work.  Please enjoy and we'll continue with Cassidy and Seamus next week.

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We Found a Hancock episode that had been re done in honor of the show's sixtieth birthday.  Enjoy it and let me know if you like the recreated radio.  I do.

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Special thanks to John Lingard for his hard work

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This week we begin an eight part series adaptation of Isaaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy.  We also learn what happens when the lad gets a bequest and discuss Reform in this Sceptred Isle.

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Again thanks to John Lingard for his hard work on this work.  It's dreadfully obvious this time our dear friend is suffering froom an awful head cold and that makes this reading much more special.  We're almost done gang.  Almost done..

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It's been a while so we conclude Bowani Junction.  Pleaase enjoy.

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We continue John Lecarre's marvelous work.  Thanks as always to John Lingard.

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This week it's part 3 of John Masters Bowani Junction in which we meet Sarani Marita Harcasel but through the eyes of Victoria Jones.  We also learn about Darwin On Sceptred Isle.  We apologize for the comedy break while we continue The Naïve and Sentimental Lover on the sister podcast.  Thanks

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We continue John Lingard's amazing reading of Le Carre's little known work.  Enjoy

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This week we continue John Masters amazing work but first it's always to bad to see things end and we say goodbye to I'm Sorry I'll Reaad That Again ... for the present.  But it will be back soon.  We also learn about the Arrow War aka how the British showed the Chinese emperor that while he was the Son of Heaven Her Majesty's best were even more favorable in the eys of the Lord.  We conclude with bowani Junction Episode 2 you've met Patrick Tailor now meet Victoria Jones.

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Warning this chapter contains language and sceens younger listeners should not hear.  However enjoy

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This week we begin Bowani Junction our final Masters India saga story.  It's 1946 and the Indians and British are becoming testy at best.  We also have I'm Sorry I'll Reaad That Again and Doctor Why and the Thing and we'll learn about an amazing thing that happened to Matt at Disneyland David Bales pay attention.  You've been just about everywhere this takes place.

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We continue John Lingard's amazing reading of John Le Carre's little known classic.  Enjoy

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But we'll start with Hancock.  What happens when Tony and Sid get their hands on a Rolls Royce circa 1922?  We then have I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again and England Our England.  I then give you a nice surprise.  Since NSL is only 13 minutes this week what says spring love more then finishing The Lotus And The Wind?  So we'll do it.  We'll listen to Levels Of Deception and Horses North.  Pleaase enjoy and thanks as always for listening.  Email us at find us on facebook and look for the occasional tweat at

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We begin this week with I'm Sorry I'll JRead That again and Mike Spanner Private Eye.  We then take a look at the Palmerston government in England before delving back to the Indian frontier during The Great Game and pPart 2 of The Lotus And The Wind Compromised.  I apologize for the delay and thank my audience for the warning on the short show.  Enjoy

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John Lingard doesn't disappoint and you won't believe how this chapter ends.

Direct download: babt2025.mp3
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As always thanks to John Lingard for his hafrd work.

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We continue John Masters gripping Indian saga of the Savage family this time in 1878 with Robin Savage grown up and in his own Gurkah regiment headed toward Kabul and the woman who loves him and her military father headed for Pashwara.  It's the time of the great game in history.  We also begin Hancock Series 3 as Andre gets a pet dog and learn of Church And State in Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy

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Thanks as always to John Lingard for his work. 

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This week we conclude The Night Runners of Bengal.  But we begin by making fun of every Dickens novel we've ever heard with Martin Coperwick with the help of some Prunes from November of 1965 nd we'll meet Flornece Nightengale as we continue discussing the Crimean War on Sceptred Isle.  Plus Matt reviews talk sport 2 get a vpn server if you're a British sports fan here in the States discusses a little English cricket and reviews the Cheltinham festival.  Enjoy

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Brunch At Bedtime continues with more from Cassidy and Seamus.

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This week it's th the third installment of The Nightrunners of Bengal we also have more from I'm Sorry I'll Red That Again and Florence Nightengale in Sceptred Isle.

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