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The host celebrated his thirty ninth birthday this past Friday and in celebration he's playing The Lady In The Lake by Raymond Chandler with the great Ed Bishop as Philip Marlowe L.A. private eye.  We also have not one not two but three episodes of My Music.  And we're all caught up with that series.  Don't forget we begin our annual Lord Peter Whimsay marathon for the summer next week and you can email us at or call us at 206-350-2926.  As always enjoy the show.

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This Week John Lingard returns with a look at British broadcasting in the sixties.  Ah yes the sixties.  Radio Caroline Radio London they're all back along with JDoctor Who and some shows you've probably never heard of outside of The UK.  After that or before that rather we'll listen to My Music and Matt talks about a contest.  Think you can design the bwtb logo?  Here's your chance at for any feedback along with facebook and twitter.  Call the show at 206-350-2926 and as always ... enjoy.

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This week we conclude A Murder Of Quality plus we continue My Music.  Matt will give his thoughts on this year's Disneyland west fest as well.  Questions or comments plus show requests are always welcome at and at 206-350-2926 and follow the show at  As always please enjoy and if you're a new listener all back episodes of brunch are on the feed.

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This week we present a look at British broadcasting in the fifties.  Remember Journey In To Space?  This also includes a full episode of The Goon Show.  Thanks so much John Lingard.  Then we'll listen to My Music from April 7 of 1969 and I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again from April 17 1964.  We'll conclude with a Murder Of Quality Episode 4.  Enjoy.  Remember you can email the show at or call us at 206-350-2926

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This week we continue A Murder Of Quality plus more from I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again and My Music.  Remember to email the show at or call us at 206-350-2926

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This week we continue A Murder Of Quality. The first episode being at we also debut I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again and My Music.  Remember you can email the show at or call us at 206-350-2926. Happy belated Easter and Passover.

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Hey everyone Matt here.  We're experiencing more tech issues with bwtb.  Stand by as we should have these issues resolved soon.  HOpe everyne had a great Easter.  Matt and Pdm sure did.

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This week we begin A Murder Of Quality.  Plus another round of My Music and John Lingard returns with his history of radio and tv broadcasting in Britain.  This week ... the forties.  Enjoy. 

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This week we'll begin the fourth seris of My Music.  Enjoy.  Plus tributes and reminenisces from Matt jCox Lord Lowing John Lingard begins the history of radio broadcasting and much much more.

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Well, after an unforeseen temporary hiatus, Brunch With The Brits is back. We pick up with Episode 195 and will continue from there. This week we will be listening to Navy Lark Series 4 Episode 19 "Mr. Bates' Hobby" followed by "The Little World of Don Carmillo" Series 1 Episode 3 entitled "A New Priest (Or A Miracle)". We would like to welcome new listeners who may be joining us at this time as well as our friends who have been listening to the previous episodes. If you would like previous episodes, you have until February 15, 2012, to download them from (There you will find Episodes 96-194) A word of warning... this episode was recorded before the Mevio mishap. Standby for Brunch 196 when all will be explained. Episode 196 will hopefully be posted in a week or two's time. And, as always, you can reach us at or call us at our voicemail at 206-350-2926. 

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This week we'll listen to Navy Lark Series 4 Episode 20 "Mr. Philips Gets Engaged". Plus we'll hear the finale in "The Little World of Don Carmillo". Please enjoy. PDM will read emails this week and if you like her, she'll become more of a regular. Remember to email us at or call us at 206-350-2926. 

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Ten great Dylan songs plus a Letter From Lincoln and we'll conclude with the Little World of Don Camillo.  Enjoy.

We begin examining the Little World of Don Camillo with the story "Lenin."  Plus an "Invitation," hits Troutbridge.  Enjoy.
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Does Goldstein get promoted?  And we'll hear more about Brookfield.  Enjoy.
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Due to Matt's sudden and unexpected illness you all benefit with an extra episode.  Plus we are a little behind.  We start with Goodbye Mr. Chips plus Navy Lark and sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.
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John Lingard for almost two hours plus a look at twentwenty twelve and more.  Enjoy
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Sorry about the delay.  We go back to the work of Frank Richards this time to listen to Billy Bunter's Christmas Party.  Plus Navy Lark and Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.
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Just who is George Smiley?  You'll meet him this week plus Navy Lark and This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.
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This week we're joined by producer Director Maria for Navy Lark Sceptred Isle and the conclussion of The Guns Of Navaron.  Enjoy.
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Plus This Sceptred Isle and Navy Lark.  Enjoy.
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The Guns Of Navarone continues.  Alng with Navy Lark and Sceptred Isle.
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We discuss the rise of Oliver Cromwell plus ask the question of Captain Povy's marriage.  Then we'll begin The Guns Of Navarone.
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We'll begin with This Sceptred Isle then we'll catch Navy Lark and end with Sherlock Holmes.
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Plus we'll hear Navy Lark and continue with This Sceptred Isle.
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We have three episodes of Sceptred Isle for you plus Sherlock Holmes introduces us to Mycrofft and we have a fun historical episode of Navy Lark.  Enjoy.
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Hear how Matt fared on the chocc walk plus we'll listen to Hijacked from the Navy Lark and what happens when a young doctor's practice isn't all it's cracked up to be?  Sherlock Holmes investigates.
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We say goodbye to Nicholas Nickleby thisweek and hello to Sherlock Holmes with The Crooked Man.  Enjoy.
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We  have voice mails plus Nicholas Nickleby continues plus This Sceptred Isle contines James I's regin.
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This week more from Nicholas plus Povy has a spy and we finish Gramophones and Grooves.
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David Bales makes a surprise vissit to the brunch studio with some records of his own.  Plus more from Nickelby the Navy and This Secptred Isle.  Enjoy.
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Nicholas and Smyke return to London but Uncle Ralph has more plans for Kate.  Enjoy.  Plus Sceptred Isle and more gramophones and grooves.
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By request of Lord Loehwing another longer show.  Yay.  We start with This sceptred Isle move in to Gramophones and Grooves and begin Nicholas Nickleby.  Enjoy.
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This week we hear the Play "The Gemini Apes."  Plus what did records sound like a hundred years ago?  Find out in Part 1 of "Gramophones And Grooves."  Plus more from This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.
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Peter Whimsey concludes plus a report from Friends of the Magic plus a Moscow story from our own Matt Cox.
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Prepare yourselves folks.  Lord Peter is about to perform an act of violence.  Plus we learn of rebellion and common prayer as we resume Sceptred Isle.
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we fare well to My Music and listen to "The Exhumation in the Unpleasantness of the Belona Club."  Enjoy.
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It's always neat when we get a story and David Franklin of My Music is no exception.  Plus we continue with Mr. Oliver as Whimsey continues to solve the case.
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We begin with My Music and conclude with episode 2 of Belona Club with The Genaral's Last Evening.  Enjoy.
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An old man's death leads to a will question.  Plus Henry VIII dies and My Music.  Sorry about the tardiness of the show.

We'll continue My Music and Henry VIII and conclude Unnatural Death.

We continue Unnatural Death with two episodes plus more on Henry VIII
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We start with My Music continue with Henry VIII and end with Peter Whimsay
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if there's one thing I love it's a guest pannelist.  Michael Flanders is awesome.  Plus what is Halleluia and we'll learn about Henry VII.

We return to My Music plus learn about Richard III and listen to Death in an Epping Forest.  Enjoy
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We end Third Reich and Roll this week and begin Unnatural Death.  We also learn about the War of the Roses.

The host wraps up the wedding and discusses his time at Westfest.  We will then hear about Henry Vi Joan of ARc and how multi track recording changed rock and roll.

We begin by debuting the next season of My Music plus Henry V and Steven Fry gives us a tour of old magnetic sound.
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Sherlock Holmes is exhausted yet he still finds time to solve the crime of the RiegateSquires.  Meanwhile we heare about the stake and Henry IV.  Enjoy.
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We learn about Richard the II's end plus Sherlock Holmes returns to his younger days to tell us the Musgrave Ritual.
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Sherlock Holmes went to Cambridge why not Oxford?  Why is this show early?  Well that's easy the host is off on vacation.  Enjoy.
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This week we finish Pay Any Price plus hear about England during the death of Edward III.  Enjoy
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Thanks to Paul Barrie at Window To The Magic for making Thursday so memmorable.  Yes Matt will talk about the club but we'll also listen to Sceptred Isle and Pay Any Price.  If you get the chance to go to Club 33 don't turn it down.
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It's hard to part with a show when a season is not complete.  We hear the end of the Navy Lark for this year plus continue Pay Any Price and we hear all about the Knights of the arter
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We have listener feedback this week plus we meet Edward III continue Pay Any Price and learn about Mr. Phillips navagation skills.
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We continue Pay Any Price Navy Lark and meet theBlack Prince.
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In Navy Lark we'll learn about a counterfeiter who sneaks aboard Troutbridge plus we'll finish the current series of This Sceptred Isle and we continue Pay Any Price.
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The Duke will be at Westfest during the royal festivities but he does have an episode of Navy Lark plus we continue Pay Any Price and learn about Edward II.  Enjoy.
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There's a note from John Lingard that concerns Pay Any Price.  We'll learn a bit about Ted Albury and Robert Bruce.  In Portsmouth find out what happens when an efeciency expert comes to inspect Troutbridge.  And there's Producer Director Marias Valentine's day too.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_148_Producer_Directors_Valentines_Brunch.mp3
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Pay Any Price comes closer to the assinasination of Kennedy and we learn about Anabushkin flu.  Yes Johnson will sing.  Plus the Welsh laws and the beginning of the Prince of wales.  As in the one getting married.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_147.mp3
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There will be two episodes of Isle this week.  Plus you'll begin a novel that takes place during the Kennedy years.  Enjoy
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We finish the second season of My Music with a flourish.  Then we listen to a day in the life of thirteenth century England.  It's Families Day aboard Troutbridge and Holmes solves the currious case of the Stock Brokers Clerk.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_145_Farewell_My_Music.mp3
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Is Captian Povey really taking his leave?  Who was Simon Demonfort?  And what is the yellow face?
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_144.mp3
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What does Able Seaman Johnson want for his birthday?  Who won the wessex Cup?  And welcome back Sherlock Holmes. 
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_143.mp3
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"Doomsday And Beyond," first began life as a DC commic back in 1993.  This week we'll listen to the BBC edition from November 2006 featurin Stewart Miligan as Superman.  Enjoy.  Sherlock Holmes returns next week along with our reular programs.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_142_Up_Up_and_Away.mp3
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We look at the Barons War and the coronation of Henry III in Isle.  Plus Mr. Murray both commmedically and dramatically.  Plus Fireside Al and Christmas in the Trenches.  On behalf of all of us Merry Christmas
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_141_A_Very_Brunch_Filled_Christmas_2010.mp3
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It's always a pleasure when John Lingard joins us.  And this year is no exception.  Plus Magna Carta navy Lark and Frank Muir leads us all in singing.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_140_The_Seasonal_Interview.mp3
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We learn about bad King John.  Then we'll play a round of My Music.  AFter which we'll head back to the island and learn all about the Torchman.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_139.mp3
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We start with My Music and finish with P Divission.  Plus more from the Navy and This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_138.mp3
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Richard is a crusader.  Johnson and the Chief?  Mutiners.  My Music?  Well a great and P Division find out about ... the lader.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_137.mp3
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We begin with My Music.  We then enjoy This Secptred Isle Navy Lark and P Division by Peter Turnbull.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_136.mp3
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Just why does Henry II want the death of Thomas Beckett?  What is the wine the chief is preparing instead of the rum ration?  What kind of musical questions will be asked this week?  And what does Africa have to do with World War I?  All this week on Brunch With The Brits
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_135.mp3
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We finish Dracula this week.  Thanks for Larry Gassman for this program.  We also begin season 3 of Navy Lark and play a round with Steve Race of My Music.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_134.mp3
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This week we listen to three episodes of Dracula.  Plus Mymusic enjoyc.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_133.mp3
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Dracula returns with the second episode.  Plus we finish "Last Orders Of The Spinning Wheel," and we begin the second season of "My Music."  Special thanks to Michael Butler of who got us back up and running.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_132.mp3
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We'll discuss Beckett ... that's Thomas not Samuel before we put this sceptred Isle away for a short break.  We'll then play Last Orders of the Spinning Disk and conclude with episode 1 of Dracula.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_131.mp3
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We'll start by looking at law in Henry II's time.  Then we'll turn to the Beach Boys and end that great series.  Again sorry about the bit rate.  We'll finish with a look at Oliver's conclussion and preview two upcoming programs please enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_130.mp3
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A word of warning.  This week's This Sceptred Isle may seem familiar but it's not my fault.  We thenhear abut the Beach Boys and the story around Oliver gets more and more interesting.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_129.mp3
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In this episode we'll find out dark secrets about Oliver's past.  We'll also what happens when the Beach Boys meet the Maharishi and we'll learn all about King Stephen and Empress Maude.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_128.mp3
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First off thanks for all the support.  We Start with Sceptred Isle and learn how King Henry dies.  That was Henry I btw.  We then move to the Beach Boys and find out about the Pet Sounds album.  We'll end with Oliver.  Will the boy become a thief?  And stay tuned for the end as Matt Cox ruminates on life Disneyland and fun.  Don't forget Matt Cox is on live Sunday night at from 9 pm Eastern.  Enjoy
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_127.mp3
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We meet the first King Henry.  Plus we'll enjoy more Beach Boys music and get better acquainted with Oliver.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_126.mp3
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History, mystery and Charles Dickens.  Plus the Beach bBoys await.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_125_Where_The_Heck_is_Matt.mp3
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This episode will totally explain what happens when Matt doubles up.  And it won't happen again.  However we hope you enjoy this selection of programs.  We'll finish Uncle Sam Goes Pop.  We'll also start The Beach Boys Story.  For drama we have Oliver Twist the first episode and we'll listen to Raymond Chandler's Farewell My Lovely.  Plus two episodes of Isle.  Enjoy.
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We all know William was a conqueror but just how was he as a ruler?  In the v disk program Uncle Sam Goes Pop Patty Austen tells us about how v disks avoided the ascap strike in the forties.  Then buckle in for some high adventure drama from the seventies.  We listen this week to James Follette's "The Light of a Thousand Suns."  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_124.mp3
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When I put this episode together I had no idea just who Patty Austin was.  I know now and I think you to will enjoy "Uncle Sam Goes Pop."  It's the story of v discs and how they took American jazz all over the world.  We'll also continue with this Sceptred Isle and see just how difficult it was to unfy England.  And Hercule Poirot is here with "Murder on the LInks."  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_123.mp3
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We say goodbye to Jean and LInoel this week plus more from The sceptred Isle we'll actually fight the Battle of Hastings.  We thenthen look at a Navy Lark episode that didn't make a season and we conclude Cluds of Witness.  Enjoy and prep for a new documentary and next week ... all about Hercule.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_122.mp3
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Okay so I screwed up and call this episode 122 during recording.  Must be the wine.  Anyway we'll start with This Sceptred Isle and learn all about the Battle of Stanford Bridge.  We then turn to As Time Goes By and meet again with Aunt Penny.  Mark Steel concludes with a solution on the economy and we end as always with Lord Peter.  Just what is the smooth sleuth doing in New York anyway?  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_121.mp3
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It's always wonderful as shows continue.  Makes my job easy and fun.  This week is no exception as we continue with This Sceptred Isle moving closer to the Battle of Hastings we learn all about Edward the Confessor.  why do Jean and Lionel wnat to et rid of Mrs. Flack?  Find out in as Time Goes By and those of you who love or hate the Royal family we'll earn more from Mark Steel and we'll end with Clouds of Witness.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_120.mp3
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So whose listening?  Ah well thanks for all the hits.  We continue Clouds of Witness As Time Goes By and Mark Steel plus learn more about King Canute.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_119_Back_From_Westfest.mp3
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We finish off the tenth century in This sceptred Isle then find out how Lionel does with his new secretary.  We'll end with Peter Whimsay.  Lady Mary has a lot of explaining to do.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_118.mp3
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Here's the episode truly dedicated to The Mortis.  It's on school and again it's from our good friend Mark Steel.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_117.mp3
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Mark Steel discusses the Engllish judicial system and how he'd reform it.  Enjoy
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_116.mp3
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We start this week by learnin about AAthelston.  Then how do Jean and Lionel cope with jetlag?  And just who is the motorcyclist and the missing diamond cat?
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_115.mp3
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I always look forward to guest hosts.  John Lingard of Lincoln England is in this week with a South African look at The Navy Lark.  Plus we'll end our second season of Navy Lark and continue Clouds of Witness.  Just who murdered Captain Dennis Cathgart?  In England Alfred dies and Edward takes over.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_114.mp3
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We'll begin by learning about Alfred The Great the King who founded the British Navy.  Then we'll see just what disrepair the Navy can get in to when Mr. Murray goes sick.  We'll conclude My Music for this round and finish by listening to the first episode of Clouds of Witness.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_113.mp3
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If you have Gladiator flashbacks this week I completely understand.  We're hearing about Marcus Aurelius.  We'll also take a trip to Callais with our Naval draft play a round of My Music and learn all about the Vikings.  Enjoy.
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In this week's Caesar we'll meet Hadrian.  Plus we'll check in on the Admiral who is celebrating fifty years of service.  Matt Cox also gives a brief nod to the passing of Fez Parker and we'll hear all about Saxon England and play a bit of Strauss with the My Music team.
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How would it be if you had to go to sea hung over?  Why did rome really burn?  And just how will our pannel do while Steve Race plays the piano as they pretend to direct silent films?  All this week on BWTB.
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