Brunch With The Brits

This week on Brunch we want you to note the new times for Brunch We're actually going to attempt to get the shows to you between Thursday and Friday nights here in the Us or possibly Wednesday depending on the host's vacation plans.  We hope you're having a good summer yourselves and here's this week's line up.  We'll start with Harry Lime as always and listen to The Hard Way from June 27 of 1952.  We'll then return to England and learn about Pitt's anxieties in This Secptred Isle from Feb 7 of 1996.  We finish dad's ARmy Series 2 this week with The Day The Baloon went up from June 24 of 1975 and conclude with Mike. By the way if you're enjoying Mike you get Chapter 19 and a bit of bonus brunch with Chapter 20.  Enjoy.
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