Brunch With The Brits

This is Brunch 71. First off lots of voice mail and email this week and all pro on The Avengers. That makes me feel good. Anyhow this week we have a history of sorts. It's Called "For One Night Illegally," and it traces the evolution of bootlegged recording. Anyone who remembers Springstein's famous line "Bootleggers roll your tapes." will love this show. Dixon ends its first run with us this week with George dealing with a gun toting soldier without Andy. And our boys in the Navy take a psychology test. Nothng unusal there but these are our boys. Next week we begin "When Disney Had Brunch," a four part look at original work that Disney adapted. Enjoy and don't forget to email with thoughts or suggestions and also call 206-338-5879 and being in California I had to get this in. Lakers in 6

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