Brunch With The Brits

Okay so this horror thing needs a little lightening up. I mean let's face it there were Santa Ana winds a plenty this week while Brunch was being put together Dsl's were not connecting or disconnecting I tested new work software and yet and yet ... Brunch is on time. And what's on tap for Brunch 38? Well we start with "Billion Dollar Baby," a profile of Alice Cooper by a leading bBritish rock jock. After an hour with Alice we listen again to "As Time Goes By," and travel back 700 years or so to check on or favorite knight and learn what happens when "The Castle," gets a satellite dish. Should be fun real quick notes check your feeds this week I've got a couple of "Bedtime Tidbits," planned only a couple because next week leading up to all hallows Eve we'll be putting on some wonderful stories for your evening firetime. Now if the weather in California would just get cold enough for firetime. On October 31 at 7 pm eastern join us at for a live Hallowene marathon of great old time radio which I"ll eventually put up here in case you can't come and oh yes November 25 yours truly is going to be at Disneyland along with my dear friend Eric Troup partying with Patrick Herd as in wttm's own so if for some reason you have nothing to do you live in California or can fly down to California you can come and meet the not so better half of Brunch With The Brits. Just like you could meet Fred in Chicago next summer. Now when are Fred and I planning a trip to London for a real bBrunch With The Brits? ... You know I've never thought about that but that would be fun. Gonna have to contact Jenna at Main Street Travel. ... And get a passport haven't had one in ten years Heather doesn't even have one yet poh and speaking of Heather this is her first presidential election guys and while I did rock the cradle she's not 18 she's just never voted before. Okay enought chit chat yack yack and flip flam let's refrain from hibernating and we'll all enjoy the show. In all sincerity if a Brunch London trip interests you email us and you're darn right I'll contact Jenna over at Main Street tTravel.I don't know call it Brunch With The Brits London Blitz no that'd be to just not cool funny but not cool.

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