Brunch With The Brits

Couple house keeping notes here. First we're on next week but not on August 8 or 9 depending on when you download. But Fred Bertelsen is going to be at the first ever convention in Chicago. So if you're going to be in Chicago or in the Chicago area and you want to actually meet Fred and why wouldn't you he'd love to meet you. Just email us at brunch and let Fred know you'll be there. As for me ... well I'd love to be at that convention but family comes first and it's our anual camping trip. So I'll be in Kernville that's just past Bakersfield in the awesome Kern River Valley. Just think rafting my butiful wife our friends plenty of Lake Isabela blonde campfires marshmallows and candy bars and you all know what that means. Oh and a few camp songs as well. anyway this week I'll conclude Cesar with the life of Caligula. He's not the monster you're expecting if you've seen the movie but you'll understnad more. The Saint is a cheritcter about whom you know if you've listened to the old time radio version starring Vincent Price. Warning this ain't Vincent Price. Enjoy and I'll have more during the week. Please stay tuned because I'll bring more past episodes to the feed. As you all know now we're on itunes and I'm already seeing a difference so welcome everyone welcome pour yourselves a good cup of tea and enjoy.

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